Every school and public establishment needs to have safety signage installed within their vicinity. One of the most basic type of safety signage are evacuation maps. Evacuation maps play a very important and critical role in schools and other public establishments like malls, hospitals, terminals and the like.
M&G Global Ads, the number one sign maker in the Philippines also specializes in making evacuation maps and other similar safety signage. We use photoluminescent materials to make these signage truly effective.

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Photoluminescent Sign

Photoluminescence refers to light emitted from any form of matter after it absorbs photons. There are many types of luminescence (means light emission) and photoluminescence is one of them. It happens when the photons are excited – a process called photoexcitation.

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A lot, if not all, safety signs like evacuation signs and evacuation maps use photoluminescent materials. Do you normally observe Fire Exit Signs in buildings that glow or seem to light up when hit by a light source? They are photoluminescent signs. These signs contain photons that can be excited by an external light source. When excited, they release back light so that they appear to glow.

Why Use Photoluminescent Signs?

Normally, when there is an emergency in a building, the lights go out. Power source is cut off and everything becomes dark. It is also during these moments when you need to know where the exits are and you need to make a quick reference to an evacuation map.

Photoluminescent Sign
Most evacuation maps are hanged in conspicuous places where they are exposed to a lot of light either from the natural or artificial sources. During emergencies that require evacuation, these evacuation maps and other safety signage are lit even when there is no power source. Why? Because they have already absorbed light and are now simply emitting them back. In a dark hallway, these becomes really helpful.
Evacuation maps cannot depend on an electric light source the way acrylic signage does. They cannot be powered by electricity because that will be dangerous when the power goes out. Instead, they must have some sort of way to emit light when the surrounding becomes dark. Using photoluminescent materials allows them to do that.

M&G Global Ads: Experts at Photoluminescent Signs

M&G Global Ads has a solid history of creating photoluminescent signs for various establishments. We have a reputation of making signage that are durable, long lasting, world class and high quality. We understand your needs for a good quality evacuation map, safety signage and other photoluminescent signs. We know that these are critical to your business.
They may not play a direct part in adding ambiance to your business establishment. They may not even conform to your brand’s overall look because they follow strict industry standards and guidelines. However, we know that they are critical and we understand how to make them properly. We can guarantee that your business will have safety signage that will work when you need them.
Contact M&G Global Ads Inc. today and get free quotes. You can also visit us personally to assist you with your project. Our team will show you how we work and the requirements before finally putting the project in progress.

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