Reflectorized and Photoluminescent Safety Signs

Reflectorized and Photoluminescent Safety Signs

Safety signs exist in order to keep people out of danger. They can be found in buildings marking where you need to exit in case of emergencies. They can be found along roads signaling drivers with various precautionary measures they need to take while driving. Can you imagine a world where safety signs are not present? We tend to overlook them most of the times but they are actually very important components of the world we live in.

Safety signs, in order to be effective, must be made of reflectorized or photoluminescent materials. Reflectorized signs and photoluminescent signs are not self-luminescent. This means that they do not produce or emit light of their own. Rather, they are dependent on external light that is shone on them. In daylight conditions, their reflective properties are not evident. It is only at night, when artificial light hits them or after they have soaked up enough light from the sun, that reflectorized signs and photoluminescent signs serve their purpose.

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How do these signs work?

Reflectorized signs are made with reflective vinyls which are materials that are able to reflect light back towards its source. There are essentially two kinds of reflective vinyls – retro-reflective and prismatic. Retro-reflective vinyls are embedded with small glass beads mixed in with the pigment of the face film. This is what reflects back light towards the viewer. Prismatic vinyls, on the other hand, are made of small layers of prisms in the face films. This allows for light to be reflected to wider angles which results to more light being bounced back to the source. This makes reflectorized signs made of prismatic vinyl perfect for highway signs which needs to be visible from far distances.

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Photoluminescent signs are also called “glow in the dark” signs. They produce an eerie glow when it’s dark because they contain phosphors which is a type of chemical that absorbs energy and re-emit it as visible light. The most commonly used phosphors are zinc sulphide and strontium aluminate because they re-emit energy over a long period of time. These phosphors are mixed in with plastic in order to produce photoluminescent signs that can be visible over a long time. When light is shone upon these signs, the incoming photons from the packets of light excite the phosphor molecules causing them to release energy they’ve stored. They do this slowly by giving out photons and thus producing a dim glow. The longer phosphors release energy, the longer the sign will glow.

Why use photoluminescent signs and reflectorized signs?


Reflectorized signs and photoluminescent signs improve safety tremendously in buildings and highways. They are also used in construction sites and other hazard-prone locations such as oil rigs.


Reflectorized signs and photoluminescent signs are more economical and efficient to use than lighted signage or radioactive signage. These products do not require electrical power to run thus increasing energy savings and improving energy efficiency. Using them will definitely qualify your building for sustainability credentials and make you compliant with energy-efficiency regulations.

Reflectorized signs and photoluminescent signs do not require extensive maintenance. They just need to be dusted every now and then to make sure their surfaces will still properly reflect light. They have unlimited service life and they do not pose any disposal hazard. You are also free from the danger of encountering any fallen debris as these signs are non-breakable.

Reflectorized signs and photoluminescent signs can be installed in a fairly quick amount of time compared to other options. These allows you to also save on labor and installation costs when mounting them.

The cost for reflectorized signs and photoluminescent signs depend on the intensity of photoluminescence and the type of reflectorized material to be used. This intensity and the type of material needed is largely dependent on the purpose of the signs. However, considering the savings in terms of installation, energy and maintenance costs, these type of safety signages are worth the investment.

M&G Global Ads creates reflectorized signs and photoluminescent signs of all kinds for all functions. We can fabricate these type of signage for parking lots and building exits like in our latest project with a notable building. We also make evacuation plans that are reflectorized. By using safety signage that are reflectorized and photoluminescent, you are ensured that when emergency strikes, your building is prepared and people can easily find their way to safety. Likewise, you do not need to be burdened with constantly maintaining these signage especially if they are not used constantly. After all, safety signs are must-haves that is worthwhile to be present in every building but nobody hopes to be caught in a real emergency situation to necessitate the use of them.

When choosing which sign maker to employ in creating your building’s safety signage, always go to the sign maker with a solid reputation for creating long-lasting and high quality signage. At M&G Global Ads, our commitment is to ensure our clients’ are satisfied with the quality of signage they receive.

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