Traffic signs in the Philippines

Traffic signs in the Philippines

Traffic in the Philippines has been in record-high for some time already. Large volume of vehicles plying main thoroughfares, add in the undisciplined drivers, road accidents and road constructions add up to one of the world’s worst traffic problems. It is so bad that it is even rated by waze, a GPS-based navigation application, as the world’s worst traffic in its global traffic evaluation. The city of Manila ranked ninth in the world’s worst drives.

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From time to time, we need a detour, and Metro Manila implements traffic detours specially on special occasions when they expect traffic to be at snail’s pace. But the problem is that there are no enough traffic signs along the route to guide motorists to their destinations. There are times when GPS map applications are inaccurate and you can only count on these signs.

It is also a problem when you go out of town. I personally experienced getting lost and going in circle in a very rural area because directional signs are not posted along the route. What would have been a nice two-hour ride turned into a maze-like race as I need to go back home before dinner.

Importance of Road signs


Signs along the road are very essential in our daily lives. It helps us navigate on the road, prevents accidents and guides you through your driving. It tells us how fast can we drive, where to turn or not, if we can pass the road or not, and so many other different ways. We often neglect those signs but they are very important specially for new drivers and tourists. They were created to help us stay safe while on the road. Directional signs indicate where to go. It gives specific information to drivers, usually the speed limit or hazard signs. Last 2015, Metro Manila alone recorded almost 96,000 road accidents with 519 dead. Imagine if there are no road signs.

It is also an effective traffic management tool. It is placed conspicuously so as to prevent confusion. It is an early warning or information sign for drivers. A driver who is aware of what lies ahead on the road is more likely not to meet any accidents along the way. If they are followed properly, it will keep the traffic flowing. It tells you what you should do, saving you time and fuel.

Imagine if you are driving at 100 Kilometers Per Hour in a road, then there is a sudden blind curve. Or driving in a landslide prone are. Who can imagine what kind of accidents can happen there! Or can you image driving in the expressway and there are no gantry signs indicating what exit is it already. You might end up driving through the whole stretch of the expressway if you don’t remember the exit you’re supposed to exit. Or driving at your top speed then suddenly you crash through a road construction project because there were no early warning signs posted. It can save your money, property and more importantly, you and your loved ones.

Gantry signs

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A gantry sign is a traffic sign assembly where the signs are placed in an overhead position. It is specifically designed for roads with high volume of traffic or roads that has several lanes because some drivers may not be able to see road side traffic signs. It can be supported by cantilever or one sided, either on the right, left or center. It can also be bridge with two poles on the side.

Safety signs


Safety signs are signs that give warning or information about a potential hazard. It is important that it is readable to up to certain distance to forewarn people from impending danger. And for it to be efficient in providing early warning to the people, it must pass strict standards that are set so that it can effectively communicate. It has to be able to inform the reader that there is a possible hazard if the warning is not heeded. If properly manufactured and placed, it will minimize the risks of accidents that can happen in your workplace.

World class signs made in the Philippines


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How to avail of top quality road signs in the Philippines?


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