Stainless Signage & Murals-Various Signage Design for Different Business Needs

Various Signage Design for Different Business Needs

Every establishment that caters to the public needs a signage. It might be a signage that states the name of the establishment or an ad signage that tells the public what their brand or business offers. Depending on the need and nature of the business, a sign maker must be able to accurately portray in the signage what the business is all about.

M&G Global Ads recently created different types of signage for three different entities – a government office, a flavoring brand with a long history and a young international shoe brand. Each had different signage needs but we were able to deliver something that would make a mark to their target markets.

BIR Makati: A Stainless Signage for a Respected Office

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Even government offices need a building signage that would clearly identify them to the people seeking their services. This is especially true for government offices such as the BIR to which the public regularly interacts with. The BIR office in Makati has commissioned M&G Global Ads to create a stainless signage to be placed by its entrance.

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The simple signage was meticulously crafted and installed. We made sure that it was made from high quality materials so that it will withstand the test of time and weather. Although simple, we installed lighting behind the stainless signage so that at night, it will be illuminated.

Kikoman: A Billboard Signage for a Timeless Brand

M&G Global Ads, the number one sign maker in the Philippines, also accepts fabrication of billboard type ads. One of our recent projects of this nature were the Kikoman signage along Cubao. We created billboard type signage from high quality tarpaulin that would advertise the many benefits of using Kikoman. It showed how foods were enhanced by adding a Kikoman flavoring or food seasoning. To ensure we deliver a convincing message, the print on the tarpaulin must be high quality in order to capture the food in all its glory. It must also be able to withstand the elements of weather and last long.

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Kikoman is a Japanese brand famous for their soy sauce and other food seasonings. It is the number one and most popular brand of soy sauce in Japan and the United States and can be easily seen when dining in sushi restaurants. Here in the Philippines, it is slowly gaining popularity as more Filipinos are becoming accustomed to its taste and ability to enhance even the simplest dishes.

Kikoman has production plants all over Japan, the US, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Singapore and China. It has a trademark logo and bottle which hasn’t changed during its more than 50 years of existence. Kikoman was founded in 1917 and is based in Noda Chiba Prefecture in Japan. It’s a family-owned business from 8 different families which has actually been founded as early as 1603 by the Mogi and Takanashi families. Their main products are soy sauce, food seasoning and flavoring, mirin, shochu, sake, juice and other beverages. They also have pharmaceutical products and restaurant management services.


Steve Madden: Store Signage for an International Brand

Steve Madden is a popular chain of women shoes and other women products. They have a chain of retail stores in over 55 countries, 100 of which in the US alone. The stores primarily focus on Steve Madden products but also carry three subcategorized Steve Madden lines namely STEVEN by Steve Madden, Madden Girl and Freebird by Steven.

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The brand’s founder, Steve Madden was born to Irish and Jewish parents in Far Roackaway, Queens where he grew up in the adjoining areas of New York. He was the youngest of three brothers and he started his business with a capital of $1,100 in 1990 by selling shoes out of the trunk of his car. In 2012, the brand had revenues of $1.23 billion and was sold throughout the world.

Steve Madden was drag to an ugly lawsuit concerning misleading financial statements that resulted to stock manipulations, money and curities fraud. Madden was sentenced to imprisonment and was made to resign as CEO of his company, Steve Madden Ltd. However, he remained on board as creative consultant even while he served his term in prison.

The colorful history of the brand did not deter customers from purchasing Steve Madden products. In the Philippines, they recently opened a store in Shangri-La Plaza Mall. M&G Global Ads, the sign maker of choice, was commissioned to fabricate the acrylic signage that would adorn the iconic store.

We created a simple yet classy acrylic signage that lighted up. It’s bound to draw customers to the store and enter inside to check out the numerous collections they have to offer. We were also responsible for installing wall murals throughout the store that added to its ambiance and overall look.


Despite the type of business, a signage is important to convey to the public what the business offers. A reputable sign maker must be able to create a signage that is not just top quality but also attuned to the business’ brand qualities.

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