Ascension Memorial Home Signage

Ascension Memorial Home Signage

The death of a loved one is indeed a trying time for anyone. Aside from the emotional struggles in this experience, the immediate family and relatives also have to worry about the arrangements for the memorial services of the deceased. And in these trying times, family members always opt to look for memorial homes who can make the funeral arrangements easier. That is why Ascension Memorial Homes continues to be trusted name in the death care industry. What makes Ascension a trusted company is because of its commitment to ensure that the clients are well taken care of throughout the entire duration – from assisting in the retrieval of the deceased’s body to the processing of certificates and documents to providing its service for a proper send-off on the day of the burial, making sure that their clients have nothing to worry about.

Ascension_sign_makerEstablishment facades always say something about the company. Because people are almost always attracted by visuals and graphics as it gives the first impression about what the company is ready to offer to potential customers. And one of the first things that people see at establishment facades are the indoor and outdoor signage. When a person sees these signage, they can automatically feel that the company can take care of their needs.

Because of rendering good services to its clients, Ascension Home Memorial continues to expand by adding more and more service chapels in Metro Manila. Ascension, its latest addition to its growing number of service chapels is located in Quezon City. And what better way to emanate the solemn and caring aura of the company by having a beautifully made signage installed at the establishment’s façade?


Ascension commissioned the fabrication and installation of its outdoor signage to M&G Global Ads, the number one trusted sign maker in the Philippines. Well known for its high quality service and output, M&G installed a metallic signage at the entry of the service chapel. Each letter was backlit with a neon light to give emphasis and contrast to the light colored brick wall on which it was installed on. The outdoor signage complemented with the whole look of the memorial chapel’s entrance, giving off a feel of solemnity and peace.

Ascension_signage_maker Ascension_sign_maker_philippinesThis project is only one of the numerous projects being commissioned and successfully delivered by M&G Global Ads. A lot of foreign and local business owners, companies and brands all go to the number one trusted sign maker in the Philippines, to fabricate and install their signage. Rendering quality service to all its customers, ranging from acrylic signage to billboards, M&G has become a leader in the industry of signage making.


Smart business owners and entrepreneurs know that maximizing the visual and graphic design of their establishments is a key player in the business’ success. Make a smart choice now by investing in your own indoor or outdoor signage for your business establishment. Contact M&G Global Ads now and we’ll help you take that first step to in your journey to business success.


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