High Quality Signage – The Thing in Common between a School and a Real Estate Company

 High Quality Signage – The Thing in Common between a School and a Real Estate Company

What does a school and a real-estate company have in common? A high quality and durable signage! They may cater to different customers and have different purposes but they both need a durable signage that will tell people about their business.



The SM Corporation has expanded their services beyond that of shopping malls. They have now ventured to real estate property development – particularly affordable condominiums. SM started as a shopping mall way back in 1958. By the perseverance and hard work of founder Henry Sy Sr., SM has grown to an empire consisting of not just shopping malls but real estate developments under the company – SM Development Corporation aka SMDC.

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The SM Group of Companies established this subsidiary in order to cater to the middle class sector’s needs for affordable condominiums in Metro Manila. Since establishing their first condominiums way back in early 2000s, their developed properties have grown to almost 20 residences as of present. The residences are found in various places in Manila. Some are near academic institutions such as the Blue Residences near schools in Kalayaan, Quezon City and the Sun Residences near schools in the University Belt area. Some are near major commercial districts such as the Jazz Residences near the Makati CBD and the Green Residences near the SM North Complex.

building signThese residences all feature stunning common places that residents can enjoy for their convenience. The commitment of SMDC is to provide access to luxurious urban living to the millions of people living in Metro Manila. Each of their residences is integrated with a commercial retail environment that gives ease and comfort to the residents.

smdc2One of the reason why this young real estate brand has gained prominence, aside from being tied to a well-known shopping mall, is because their brand is has been splashed across various empty and vacant properties across Manila. They have not wasted any space and amount in having solid acrylic signages made that contained the name SMDC. If you go around Metro Manila, you can see their names distinctively placed in vacant lots – no doubt their future site developments.

Their investment in a high quality and durable acrylic signage has made them stand out from competition which usually would use a fence wall type of signage, even worse a tarpaulin type.

M&G Global was assigned to create recently one of these prominent signages. We made sure that the item we fabricated was of excellent quality. We took special attention that the signage met the specifications of SMDC for we understood the value of a high quality signage to their brand.



Since the signage will be exposed to weather elements, it had to be made from durable materials able to withstand extreme heat and cold. We had to create a signage that can be exposed under extreme conditions and still last for a long time.

We are proud to say that we delivered what SMDC required – an exceptional quality signage that can proudly make the public aware that the SMDC brand is a strong and growing brand, here to stay for a long time.




Bambang Elementary School

Signages are used not just by commercial establishments. Even educational institutions like Bambang Elementary School need a signage that is of durable quality. This signage will be used to tell parents and students the name of the institution they are going to and will be a source of pride among students and teachers that the institution they represent is properly identified by a professional signage.

school signFor the school, we created a stainless signage that is simple in design. Public schools don’t have much branding design elements to incorporate in their signages unlike commercial establishments. However, they still require a professional signage that would communicate authority and professionalism. Likewise, their signage must be durable and able to withstand for a long time.

Bambang Elementary School is one of the five schools that belong to School District II in Pasig City. It was established in the 1950s and began as a school serving the needs of students from low-income families. It was initially an annex of another existing school but because of the good administration of the school’s administrative officials, it soon improved tremendously until it became a separate school unit.


school signageThe rise of Bambang Elementary School from its humble beginnings all the more supports its need for a high quality professional signage. M&G Global Ads is proud to have delivered to the school the kind of signage they needed. Creating a school signage is not a usual project but it is undoubtedly an important one. Educational institutions, which shape young minds to become future leaders of our country, deserve signages that would make every student, teacher, staff and parent proud.


Signages are not just limited to commercial or actual physical establishments. Like the stainless signage we made for Bambang Elementary School, non-commercial establishments like schools also deserve a professional and beautiful signage. Like the acrylic signage we made for SMDC which is placed in empty lots, a signage can be used to simply convey a brand exist. There are many uses to a signage. But for whatever purpose it is used, it has to be durable, of good quality and able to capture the brand it represents.


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