Cost-Effective Business Marketing Methods

Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Business? The Top 3

Today, there are a lot of ways to market your business, primarily because of the Internet and the invention of more high-tech equipment and devices for advertisements. However, if you are just starting, it is practical to invest in those that are effective yet relatively inexpensive. And, that’s not it, those that only requires minimum supervision so you still have more time to deal with other important matters.

It is effective in the sense that you can reach to a wider audience anywhere and anytime and inexpensive because the investment is just one-time. And, you can manage these ways yourself without taking up so much of your time not each day, but can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. That is how effective, convenient, and low-cost these methods are.

So to get you started, here are 3 that we highly recommend. This is presuming that you already defined your target audience.

  1. Install signage.

Your target audience can be anywhere anytime of the day. They are always moving, whether in their own house or outside. And, if you like them to notice your existence or create a lasting impression, you need to be there where they are, day and night. How is this possible? Signs and signages are the answer.

If your office is located inside a commercial building particularly in the upper floor, for example, take advantage of interior signage to be installed in the lobby, in the hallway, inside the elevator or along the stairs going up, anywhere where they can possibly pass through.

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Another strategy is to install an exterior signage to attract the people outside, whether they are walking or passing by. A good outdoor building signage can actually drive customers to your store or office. With an attractive design, awesome lights or effects, effective message, and perfect location, this can definitely help you get new customers and continuously impress the existing.

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And, here at M & G Global Ads, this is our expertise. We are the number 1 sign maker and service provider in the Philippines. We can surely cater to your sign and signage needs, may it be for a bank, church, street, construction site, government office, hotel, restaurant, and more. Aside from this, we are happy to help in your business imaging and branding. Here are a few of our quality services:

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  1. Create a website.

Since almost everyone is browsing the Internet these days, it is a must that your business has a website. This will be your virtual representation among online users. Because of that, this site should contain a section where you put your company’s history, vision, mission, employees, and contact numbers. You must also have a page where you feature your existing and current projects along with the customer’s name and comments, if there’s any. In this site, you can post blogs, news, and others. And, one more thing, do not forget to highlight your social media accounts. Searching for an inspiration? You can check out our own website.

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  1. Set up social media accounts.


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Once you have a running site, spend time to create an account in any of your favorite top social media networks. The most recommended ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and Instagram. Setting up your company’s account is just easy so nothing to worry. And, you can actually connect these accounts to your website so that whatever post or updates you make, these will show in your social media accounts automatically. So you can choose to open these accounts weekly or monthly unless you are notified of important matters like you have a message from potential clients.

By the way, you can find us here:

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So those are three of the best ways to market your business effectively and inexpensively. If you want to start with your sign and signage now, feel free to contact us. We can give free consultation and estimate.

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