Business Signages for Fast Rising Establishments

Business Signages for Fast Rising Establishments

Every famous establishment today acknowledges that one of the key factors to their success was their easily recognizable signage. A good business signage makes a brand easy to remember by customers resulting to repeat visits and purchases.

M&G Global Ads was fortunate to create, once again, quality signages for several fast rising businesses here in Metro Manila.

The Best Apple Pie

Apple pie is not a common dish here in the Philippines. It is popular in the US though and those who have tasted authentic ones cannot help but wish there was a good counterpart here in the country. Good thing that Catherine’s Cakes & Pies have entered the market and decided to share their authentic apple pie recipe to the Filipino community.


The owners had never tasted an apple pie that they really liked. They served walnut pie and blueberry cheesecake but never apple pie. When a friend from Canada visited them, the friend cooked apple pie following a hand-me-down recipe. It was a hit! Everyone loved it. Thus the owners were inspired to create an apple pie that they really liked.

After a year of experiments, they finally created the ultimate apple pie. This experimental creation would soon become the store’s best seller propelling them to a famous brand that foodies love to go to. Finally, there is an apple pie that the market will really get to like.


Seeing the passion that came with product development of every item sold by Catherine’s Cakes & Pies, M&G Global Ads was inspired to likewise match this passion with an expertly crafted acrylic signage. When they asked us to create a signage for their newest branch, we didn’t hesitate and started to work at once with the design of the signage. It would be the simple logo of Catherine’s Cakes & Pies but one that would communicate the homey atmosphere of their bakeshop and the comfort that their cakes and pies, especially their apple pie, brings.

The Innovative Japanese Resto

Japanese food has slowly gained popularity in the Philippines but is often perceived as expensive and slow. The method of preparing the food and the sourcing of the raw ingredients makes most Japanese food not easily affordable to most Pinoys.

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This is where Tokyo Joe saw their opportunity. Implementing a business strategy called Blue Ocean, the owner, Mr. Joey Garcia together with his team innovated the entire Japanese cuisine concept by offering fast moving Japanese food that blends well with the Filipino palate and is light on the pocket. They popularized Beef Bowl (Gyudon) and together with their successful Beef Bowl Madness promo hooked customers to the Japanese food bowl concept.

From this initial success, Tokyo Joe has grown to 8 branches nationwide with more branches to come in the pipeline. The group behind Tokyo Joe is the same group behind RaiRaiKen and following the same business model of food franchising, they are bound to replicate the latter’s success.

Recognizing the emerging success of Tokyo Joe, M&G Global Ads created a business signage that would communicate such to every customer. Those who encountered Tokyo Joe before would easily spot their newest branch because of the acrylic signage. Those who are new to the concept would be enticed to try their products due to the attractive signage. With the help of a professional store signage and with the dedication of the team handling Tokyo Joe, there is no doubt that it will soon dominate the Japanese fast food category.

A Resto in the Heart of a Kiddie Land

Fun Ranch Activity Center is a popular hangout for kids and adults alike. It has a lot of activities and facilities that caters to kids like a kiddie spa, a giant playground, giant slides, etc. It is a convenient place for families to hang out together because of all the kiddie activities that are gathered in one giant place. Adults would find it easy monitoring their kids and in some instances, can even join their young ones in the facilities.

restaurant sign restaurant signage            What makes Fun Ranch even more of a must-go destination for families is the Big Red Barn. It’s a restaurant right inside the giant activity center. They serve an interesting menu that kids will certainly find entertaining and savory. Yet at the same time, their menu also caters to adults so that even adults can find items they will surely enjoy. The Big Red Barn also hosts kiddie parties and the on-site playgrounds makes it a great venue for such.

M&G Global Ads was tasked to create the acrylic signage for the Big Red Barn. It was a fun project since we were surrounded by fun activities which made us reminisce about our childhood. Given the fun atmosphere of the place, we made sure that the signage we created also exuded fun and would be captivating to both kids and adults.

A Global Brand with a Proud History

It is not every day that a brand can say it lived for 30 years and expanded to more than 800 global locations in 57 countries. Nine West, a branded retail store is one such brand who can claim this distinction. Opening its first store in 1983 at Connecticut, it is now present in major cities all over the world and has served thousands of customers during its years of existence.

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Nine West was initially a fashion footwear brand but has since expanded to handbags, sunglasses, legwear, outerwear, jewelry, belts and the like.

M&G Global Ads was given the chance to create its business signage in its newest location in Metro Manila. We delivered a stainless signage that captured Nine West’s years of solid growth and history. The resulting signage was one of high quality that communicated a brand with a legacy of excellence.


Emerging businesses, as well as those with long excellent histories, all know that a high quality signage will get their establishments to places. M&G Global Ads is a prime sign maker who understands such need and delivers it all the time.

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