Rustan’s Supermarket signage

Rustan's Signage 3

Rustan’s Signage 3

Rustan’s Supermarket signage

Recently M&G Global Ads was awarded the Rustan’s Supermarket project for being known in the industry as being meticulous and precise in our works. It is this care for detail that clients have continually cherished our relationship as their Sign maker.

Being the leading signage maker has it’s perks. Projects keeps on flowing, but the high demand for quality must never be compromised, for image is everything in this growing world market.

Here’s a showcase of our recent works with Rustan’s using Stainless Signs, Acrylic Signs and Led Signs combinations to accomplish perfection.

The name Rustan’s is synonymous to Philippine retail. With numerous branches of department stores and supermarkets all over the country, the brand name continues to provide quality products and services to its customers for fifty years and counting. Despite the growing competition in the world of retail, both locally and internationally, Rustan’s remains to be a trusted and leading Philippine name in the field.

Rustan's Signage 2

Rustan’s Signage 2

Established in the 1970’s, Rustan’s Supermarket is one of the pioneers in the industry. True to the brand name, it is committed in providing quality customer service and fresh food. But what sets Rustan’s Supermarket apart from other grocery shopping stores out there is that they continue to innovate and adapt to the changing market preference through new types of product promotions and sourcing products from producers world-wide that only give the best quality. The chain of Rustan’s Supermarkets continues to grow as it expands to other parts of the Philippines to serve more and more Filipinos.

Believe it or not, design can give your potential customers an impression about your company and the services that you can provide them. By just looking at the façade of an establishment, it determines whether or not a potential customer will walk in to look around or just look on to another store. It is not enough to just be able to provide quality services and products and deliver them because that comes at the latter part of the sale. That is why it is so important that you are able to invest in the design of your business establishment. One of the components of designing for business establishments are signs and signages. It may seem like a small component of the design but it can instantly pique the interest of potential customers and invite them to walk in your establishment.

Rustan's Signage

Rustan’s Signage

Rustan’s commissioned M&G Global Ads, the leading signage maker in the Philippines, to fabricate and install a signage for their new supermarket branch. For Rustan’s, M&G made use of stainless and acrylic material for the indoor signage to spell out the brand name, giving it a very modern look. They also made use of LED material to complete the design of the signage. These were installed on a black wall, making the indoor signage pop out, instantly attracting attention. The signage instantly captured what Rustant’s Supermarket was all about – innovation, professionalism and high quality service.

This is only one among the many projects that M&G has successfully delivered. Because of the company’s ability to deliver high quality and professionally made indoor and outdoor signages to its customers, leading and up and coming brands, both foreign and local, only trust M&G Global Ads, the number one signage maker in the Philippines, to help them with their business ventures by fabricating and installing only high quality signs for their establishments.

So if you are and entrepreneur thinking of starting your own business or a brand who’s thinking of expanding, contact M&G Global Ads and take that step toward success by getting your own high quality signage fabricated and installed now.

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