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Creating Signage for a Brand New City – KidZania Manila

KidZania is the newest attraction for kids in Metro Manila. It is a massive indoor activity area that replicates the real world and allows children to role play real jobs. There are establishments like a university, a fire station, a fast food joint, a salon, etc. that are built exactly as they appear in real life – only it’s 2/3 the actual size.

When kids enter the complex, they are given a security ID and a check that they can covert to KidZos, the local currency. They can work in 100 different scenarios and experience being a fireman, a radio jockey, a broadcaster, an airline pilot, a stewardess, a fast food crew, a doctor, and many others. They earn wages for each completed work and they can either save or spend it, just like in real life.

KidZania partnered with established brands like Inquirer, McDonalds, Cebu Pacific, Cream-O, Goldilocks, etc. in order to create realistic establishments around the complex. Around the theme park there’s a university, a radio station, a broadcast center, a court hall, a firefighter’s station, a hospital, a bakeshop, construction sites, etc. Each establishment has an attendant – a KidZanian employee who will brief the kids on what to do and how to act in the role they selected. Each establishment is complete with actual tools of the trade and even uniforms.

The theme-park aims to educate children through interactive role play. Real life principles are applied and kids are taught how to use them. KidZania hopes to prepare kids for a better world by teaching them adult concepts such as responsibility, accountability and hard work at a young age and in a playful environment.

KidZania is a totally kids friendly environment. Parents are not allowed in the establishment area but they are assured of their kids safety because every kid wears a RFID (radio frequency identification) bracelet that is matched with the parent’s own RFID bracelet. A child is not permitted to leave the facility unaccompanied by a parent with the matching ID. CCTVs and medical emergency facilities are also available around the complex to attend to any security and emergency needs. Attendants also carry medical kits with them and are trained for basic first-aid.

KidZania is a 1-billion education-oriented theme park owned and operated by Play Innovations, Inc, a subsidiary of ABS-CBC Corporation. Play Innovations acquired the local franchise from the privately-held Mexican company which started KidZania in Santa Fe, Mexico in 1999. KidZania has since expanded to other countries with close to 20 locations worldwide. The mother company plans to open more KidZania locations around the world in the coming years.

In the Philippines, Play Innovations hope to customize KidZania to be more relevant to the Filipino market by adding activities related to the agriculture and fisheries sector and activities related to disaster-preparedness.

M&G Global Ads was commissioned to create the various acrylic signage around this kid city. As a leading sign maker, it was an honor for us to be awarded with this project and be part of a game changing theme park for kids.

Since each establishment was sponsored by different brands, we created stainless signage and acrylic signage depending on the need of an establishment. We also created school signs and hospital signs around the area and added to the overall realistic feel of the place by creating stickers for various establishments. As a signage maker it was overwhelming but exciting because it felt like creating an entire city from the very beginning. Even if the establishments were just 2/3 the size of their real-world counterparts, the signage we made were all realistic in scale and closely resembles what anyone would see outside.

KidZania Manila is located in Park Triangle at 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The soft opening will be on August 7, 2015 and special introductory ticket prices cost P750 for children ages 4-14 and P420 for toddlers and adults. After October 8, 2015 they’ll implement regular ticket rates at P900 for kids aged 4-14 and P500 for adults and toddlers. They are open from 9AM to 4PM on weekdays and 9AM to 8PM on weekends and holidays.

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