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Acrylic Signage for the World’s Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer

Honda has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1959 and they remain the world’s largest manufacturer of quality motorcycles. During their peak in 1982, they made almost 3 million motorcycles annually. In 2006, it was reduced to 550,000 annually, however, it remains higher than their competitors.

How Honda was able to break in to the US market and outperform the British motorcycle industry is a case study for Introductory Strategy in major business schools around the world. Prior to Honda motorcycles, the concept of motorcycles was associated with negative stereotypes of tough and antisocial rebels. In order to introduce their motorcycles, Honda created the slogan “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”. It was a huge success and soon the perception on motorcycles was changed. Another contributory factor to this change was that Honda started selling smaller, scooter-like motorcycles instead of the original huge ones (around 300 cc). Because of this academicians attribute Honda’s success to adaptability rather than long term strategy.

However, others believe that Honda was able to grow its motorcycle market because they capitalized on a very high scale of production in order to benefit from economies of scale and learning curve effects. This was their edge from the British motorcycle manufacturers. The British did not meet the same success as the Japanese company because of their failure to invest in business activities that will make them benefit from economies of scale and scope.

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Honda manufactures not just motorcycles but automobiles as well. In 2001, they became the 2nd largest Japanese automobile manufacturer and in 2011 they were the 8th largest automobile manufacturer in the world. They started manufacturing automobiles in 1963 with a kei car truck for the Japanese market. Soon they started building automobiles suited for the masses. Because they came in late to the automobile industry, they had to do things differently than the existing major players. They achieved this by installing new technologies in their products. Honda is credited for anti-lock brakes, speed sensitive power steering and multi-port fuel injection. These features were optional equipment at the beginning but soon became their standard. It is because of these innovations that they gain global recognition and has become one of the leading automobile manufacturers.

Honda is also known for their desire to be the first to try new approaches. They are credited for creating the first Japanese luxury car brand, the Acura. They also made an all-aluminum, mid-engine sports car which also introduced the variable valve timing technology they called VTEC. Honda is also known for creating fuel-efficient cars. In fact, 5 out of 10 of the US Environment Protection Agency’s most fuel-efficient cars from 1984 to 2010 are from Honda.

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Honda is also famous for creating power equipment and engines for lawn mowers, pumps, boats, etc. Honda also has a Research and Development robotics program that is credited for creating the world’s first and only humanoid robot. Honda has also pioneered a new technology in jet engine and has started manufacturing and distributing solar cells through its subsidiary Honda Soltec. Honda is also working on mountain bikes and ATV (all-terrain vehicles).

M&G Global ads was commissioned to fabricate a building signage for the latest Honda concept store located at Caloocan, Metro Manila. We created an acrylic signage and a pylon post that will distinguish the store to its market. As a professional sign maker, we ensured we followed the specifications of a global brand like Honda. Creating their logo’s acrylic signage is not a simple feat. We had to make sure that it conforms to international standards in terms of branding and overall design.

A pylon post is important so that even from afar, customers can already see that the Honda store is right ahead of them. It must be clearly visible from several meters away and must contain accurate information. The building signage which is located at the front of the store must bear an easily identifiable logo of the store, in this case Honda. It adds to the overall image and credibility of the store when there is a well-crafted and carefully executed signage.

M&G Global Ads is the number one sign maker in the Philippines. Our commitment is to create high-quality signage that matches our client’s requirements 100% of the time.

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