Signage Planning and Signage Design

Signage Planning and Signage Design

M&G Global Ads, the top sign maker in the Philippines, is committed not just to fabricating world-class signage but also to accurate and meticulous signage design. We design and build signage according to our client’s specifications and needs. Signage planning is a critical process in creating signage and should never be done haphazardly.

When creating a signage design, it is important that the client is able to visualize all aspects of the signage. It is not enough that only flat drawings are shown. Flat drawings are nice and helpful in the actual measurements. They are critical to actual fabrications as they give the proper proportions of the signage.

However, a 3D layout and perspective is great for visualizing how a signage will look once installed. We have discovered that clients appreciate more the signage design when rendered in 3D and when given a perspective.

M&G Ads is able to deliver 3D designs and perspective of all our signage designs. We know that this is critical to our clients so we make sure that during signage planning we present various 3D layouts and perspectives of the design to them.









In a 3D layout, we present the different components of the signage. We break it down usually by parts so that you can better appreciate how the various components come together to create a stunning signage. We also provide perspective for all our signage design so that you can see how it will look from various angles and when actually mounted in your building or business establishment.

However, not all signage design would require 3D layouts and perspectives. For most flat signage like wall stickers, directional signs, traffic signs, safety signs, etc. a flat layout may sometimes be enough to accurately plan for the signage fabrication. We normally render 3D layouts and perspectives for acrylic signage, brass signage, steel signage, pylon posts and other similar types of signage. However, if a customer indicates that they want a 3D layout and perspective, we will comply regardless of the signage type they want.

Here at M&G Global Ads, we pride ourselves for creating signage that are not just beautiful and durable but also well-planned. Our aim is to always exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering signage that is at par with world standards and which would definitely make their business stand out.

Another important part of signage planning is ensuring that the overall look of the signage complies with the business’ brand guidelines. This is critical especially for businesses that are franchises of major international chains as the business has a reputation and brand to protect. When we have clients whose businesses are part of a larger network of organizations, we make sure to stick closely to the look and feel of their sister businesses.

They say that planning is winning 90% of the battle. When you have a plan, you are sure that your project will definitely be successful. At M&G Global Ads, we make sure to have a well-thought out plan for every project we undertake. We know fabricating a signage starts with proper planning. With signage planning, we can commit to deliver an excellent quality signage at the most cost efficient cost. If we don’t plan properly, that’s the time we run the risk of incurring additional project costs because of wrong measurements or reworks in our signage. It’s a good thing that never happens because we carefully plan for every signage and before we execute the plan, we make sure that all angles have been studied and factored in. This way, we minimize and completely eliminate the need for reworks. The result is a high-quality signage that fits the budget of our clients.

We also know that signage planning takes a considerable amount of time so all our project timelines have this factored in. We will inform you how long each phase of the project is from planning to fabrication to installation. During the planning stage, the client is 100% involved. We will always seek your approval towards our plan before we execute it. By doing this, we are guaranteed that the signage we create has passed and will definitely meet your expectations.

At M&G Global Ads, we create the best signage you can ever see because of our design and build philosophy. Call us today to find out how we can help your business in its signage needs.

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