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Kenneth Cole Sign at Rockwell

Kenneth Cole recently open at Rockwell Power Plant Mall. M&G Global Ads is the Professional Sign Maker company who fabricated their front signage.

Kenneth Cole is one of the leading brands in fashion today. Founded in 1982, it has been and always be one of the top trend setters when it comes to the fashion industry. Clothes, shoes, accessories, everything that Kenneth Cole comes up sells like pancakes. They can come up with very good designs that people will surely love. Globally, lots of customers are purchasing their clothes from Kenneth Cole because it is stylish, elegant and are of good quality.

It is the very reason why Kenneth Cole entrusted their front signage to M&G Global Ads. Being the number one signage maker in the Philippines, Kenneth Cole knows that M&G Global Ads can deliver the store’s front signage that they’ve always wanted. They also want to maintain the same quality and look of the signs on their other stores. Be it Metallic, Acrylic, indoor and outdoor signage, LED signage, wood signage, wall sticker or anything that Kenneth Cole can think of, they know M&G global ads can do it.

Signage says a lot about the store where they are installed. They also catch the attention of the people that are just passing by or for those really looking for it. For a brand like Kenneth Cole, they need a sign that will complement their style: classy, beautiful, top quality. Being located in a very busy place like Bonifacio high street, the brand needs to be a stand out. That’s the reason why they hired M&G global ads. They knew from the start that this is a company that can deliver what they wanted.

For Kenneth Cole, M&G did an Acrylic outdoor signage lighted by LED bulbs. Its bright lights complemented by the beautifully crafted letters spelling out the company’s name guarantees all out recognition from the people.  A definite stand out among the numerous stores located there. Its gorgeous sigange tells everything about the brand.

Kenneth Cole is on the list of those who entrusted their signage to M&G Global Ads. Numerous brands, companies, supermarkets, groceries and even malls have entrusted their signs to us, ranging from Local to international brands. Starting-up companies up to well established brands have commissioned M&G Global Ads to create their signs & signage for the desired first impression.

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Front Signage for Kenneth Cole New York

Front Signage for Kenneth Cole New York

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