Festival Mall Signage Expansion

Festival Mall Signage Expansion 

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One of the most notable and iconic malls in the area of Southern Metro Manila is Festival Alabang. The mall has been around since 1998 and was once called Festival Supermall. It’s operated by Filinvest Alabang, a subsidiary of Filinvest Land Inc, which is owned by the Gotianun family.

Festival Alabang is a center of attraction in Filinvest City – formerly Filinvest Corporate City – which is a 244-hectare mixed-use development project located in Southern Metro Manila and adjacent to the South Luzon Expressway.

The entire complex where Festival Alabang is located spans 20 hectares. Located around it are residential subdivisions, commercial centers and office spaces. Festival Alabang also caters to residents from nearby Laguna and Cavite.

River Park: Expanding to Remain Relevant

A mall that has existed for nearly two (2) decades needs to upgrade or else it will slowly fade into memory. With the Philippine economy continuing to improve and its citizens having higher disposable income, malls must always reinvent themselves to stay relevant. In the South alone, there have been numerous malls that have been built since 1998 to the present.

Festival Alabang, being one of the pioneering malls, must innovate or stagnate.

During the first quarter of 2014, Festival Alabang created an extension called the River Park  in order to add to their attractions. They also did this in order to keep up with the current growth of the retail industry in the Philippines. The River Park was just the first part of their grand expansion which included the completion of a four-level mall featuring foreign fashion brands. The new four-level mall was completed during the last quarter of 2015.

The River Park boasts a unique mall experience where shoppers can dine, shop and be entertained in a very natural setting complete with an actual natural river! The River Park has a lush natural park and 1.5 km creek that surrounds the entire mall. The mall’s administration has maximized this unique setup by having restaurants with al fresco dining, outdoor entertainment venues like an amphitheater, bicycle and jogging paths around the place and vast ground areas where kids can play.

The addition of the River Park is part of Festival Alabang’s massive rebranding and upgrading efforts. Apart from a new attraction, they also invested in a new look. They changed their logos and overall design from the ones they used since 1998 to an updated and modern one reflecting their new and improved image and thrust.

The aim of this upgrade is to attract more customers to Festival Alabang and to show the people around that the mall is innovating. With increased numbers of mall goers, the number and quality of tenants would also increase. The updated Festival Alabang is set to boast of new entertainment venues, international fashion brands and many others.

Wanted: World-Class Sign Maker

With renovations comes massive upgrades. A newly renovated mall needs a fresh new look. With malls these days having a modern look, aesthetic is one of the primary considerations when upgrading. You can’t have brand new tenants if your mall still looks the same as it was 10 years ago.

This meant all of Festival Alabang’s signages had to be changed and replaced. Festival Alabang’s old signages had to go and be replaced. It was not just the main signage by the entrance. Even the directional signage inside the mall, the wayfinding signage in various portions of the mall and the other building signages had to be replaced.

It was a massive undertaking that required an experienced and prime sign maker. Because the mall was being renovated and given a fresh new look, every primary and secondary signage had to be updated. It was a big project and M&G Global Ads was proud and grateful to have been awarded with it.

Festival Alabang commissioned us to create pylon signage, directional signage, wayfinding signage, and building signage. Some were LED signage while others were stainless signage. As a signage company, we were grateful to have been awarded this project that would allow us to showcase our expertise.

We began the project by creating design plans for each of the required signage. We made sure to carefully measure the facade of the building for the building signage. We also measured the lobby and other areas where the wayfinding signage would be placed. Accurate measurements are critical in ensuring that the signage fabricated will be a good fit to the overall building design. Also, reworks are avoided when signage designs are carefully planned before execution.

As a world-class sign maker, M&G Global Ads takes signage planning seriously. We don’t create signage just for the sake of creating one. We carefully plan them before execution. Careful planning allows us to be 100% accurate in all our signage installations. That’s why we’ve always had satisfied clients through the years.

Pylon Signage: Making Festival Alabang Visible

A pylon signage is a tall signage that serves as a marker. It allows people to identify their current location base on the information contained in the pylon signage. It is a signage that can be seen from afar and is located along the main streets.

For Festival Alabang, because of the expanse of the mall grounds, we had to create pylon signage in order to tell people that they are in the correct area. Thousands of mall goers from different places even outside Alabang visit the mall everyday. Some of them are not really familiar with the grounds of Filinvest City.

With a pylon signage, anyone who enters Filinvest City can easily see where Festival Alabang is located. Without the pylon signage, it would be easy for seasonal mall goers to get lost in the many streets in the area. The pylon signage plays a very critical role in making sure mall goers can find Festival Alabang easily.


Directional Signage: Supporting the Pylon Signage

In order to support the pylon signage, M&G Global Ads also created directional signage that points the mall’s customers to the location of certain areas like the parking spots, the food zone, the shopping zone, the entertainment zone and the river park. Directional signage points the mall goers to the proper direction in order to get to their destination. In contrast, the pylon signage serves like a beacon giving shoppers a general sense of direction of where they are headed.

In creating directional signage, the signage company must ensure that the information printed is clear and accurate. It must be readable from several meters away. We did not just measure the signage carefully, we also planned well for how the information contained will be presented. The look and the quality of the materials used had to be carefully selected.  Directional signage are important in huge areas like Festival Alabang because without it, mall goers will be lost and may end up roaming around the mall aimlessly while looking for a shop or a restaurant.

Wayfinding Signage: Complements the Directional Signage

The mall building is a huge structure. There are shops all around and endless hallways. It’s easy to get lost looking for the restroom or the nearest elevator. It can also get confusing what level you are in. The solution to this is by using wayfinding signage.

The wayfinding signage is similar to the directional signage. These are signage that are located inside a mall in order to point specific areas like the restroom, phone booth, elevators, escalators etc. They also give the mall goers a general sense of direction by telling them what portion of the mall they are in. Wayfinding signage will tell you if you are in the Ground Level or the 2nd Level of the mall.

Because malls are huge and have become an all-inclusive family entertainment place, it is common to find clinics and breastfeeding areas inside malls that are for the benefit of the mall goers. There are also other public services like gift wrapping stations, bills payment counters and foreign currency exchange services. Wayfinding signage easily points out to shoppers where this general services are located.

Stainless Signage: The First Choice for a Good Building Signage

Signage are used not just to give direction but to reinforce a brand and to mark a place. The biggest signage we made for Festival Alabang was the building signage in the malls’ facade. It was a well-built and well-designed stainless signage.

It was made with precision and from high-quality material. It also bore the brand colors of Festival Alabang and was well-lit at night.

Stainless signage are the perfect choice for a simple yet elegant outdoor building signage. The quality of the signage is what makes it the main choice of business establishments in communicating their brand through signage.

LED Signage: Bright & Energy Efficient

Most signage are backlit – that is, they have a light source inside them so that they can be lit at night. This is true for almost all signage except perhaps those found indoors that are within well-lit surroundings.


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