A Business without a Sign Is a Sign of No Business

A Business without a Sign Is a Sign of No Business

One of the things to which many small business owners fail to give due consideration is in their signage. What they do not understand is their choice of design and sign maker says a lot about their professionalism and experience. A small business cannot afford to seem like an amateur, not in such a competitive atmosphere, and the first thing that people see and form first impressions from is the signage. The worst thing you can do is have no signage at all! Fly by night, much?


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Your sign is more than just lights, and letters, and a logo. It is a way to sell your business because it attracts attention to your business. Your signage is up around the clock, even if your business is not, so it will still be selling your business even when you’re closed, and provides people with something to note for future custom.


The right sign should be in line with the overall brand and marketing strategy of the business. It will contain the logo, and the correct information to promote the business. If you are in retail, it is crucial that potential clients find it attractive enough to draw them. For a service, the signage shows the level of professionalism customers can expect from the business. Missing letters, a dirt, or poor quality acrylic signage means the business does not put a lot of attention to detail. On the other hand, a first class sign promises first class service.


Signs come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and mounting types. Exterior signs may be mounted on the ground or on the front of the building. The size and shape will depend on where it will be placed. A professional signmaker can make the proper recommendations to make sure that it is neither too big nor too small, and that it is the right type for the business. You can get a lot of good advice by choosing the right person to do your signage.

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The cost-per-thousand of a signage is much lower than other forms of marketing, which is good news for the startup brick-and-mortar business that need as much exposure as it can get on a budget. While the reach may be limited, for some businesses that rely on local custom, it is more effective than an online presence


For some businesses, the most important thing is the local reach. People in the community will know about it, and can spread the word online. People take online reviews very seriously,, especially when it comes from local residents. They will come far and wide to a well-reviewed establishment. Of course, your business should be as good as your signage!




You signage is an important part of your business, even if you are not yet at the stage that you can justify engraving on the wall.  The rule of thumb is to get the best signage you can afford. For example, while a regular acrylic signage is very effective, especially at night, stainless signage will last much longer and looks more impressive, although it costs more. Whatever you decide, make sure you give as much thought to your signage as anything else about your business.


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