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Every year, more and more people opt to transfer to cities and urban centers because of the numerous opportunities for employment and business. For first timers, it is quite difficult to get settled into the city life, especially when it comes to housing. Selling and rental prices for houses, condominium units and apartments, do not come at a cheap price that is why a practical person knows that to reach a compromise between price and space, you need to know how to maximize the space available to you.

makeroom-signageThat is where organization and design comes in. Make Room & More has been gaining reputation locally as the leading retail store that specializes in products for organization and storage. What sets Make Room & More apart from other retail furniture stores out there is that they provide furniture that enables you to maximize your limited space in your home or your office while keeping it stylish at the same time.

Marketing is one of the vehicles to achieve business success. Corporations and entrepreneurs use different media to advertise themselves and their products. And in the world of business and retail, one of the most effective media of advertising are in the form of visuals and graphics, maximizing the inherent nature of humans to become instantly attracted to what they can see around them. But sometimes entrepreneurs forget the most important medium for advertising – their stores and establishments. Although this may not reach as many number of audiences like other media like television, the physical establishment is the most effective advertising tool in sealing the deal, inviting potential customers to walk in your establishment. And in order to make your establishment façade an effective advertising tool, you have got to get yourself a professionally made indoor and or outdoor signage.

makeroom-signage-makerMake Room & More commissioned M&G Global Ads, the leading signage maker in the Philippines, to have their store sigage fabricated and installed at their new branch in order to invite more people to come inside their store and look around. For this new branch, M&G fabricated a lighting outdoor signage spelling out the brand’s name and its logo. This was installed on the store’s façade and when lit up, the logo and name truly stands out. The look of the signage fabricated for Make Room & More captures what the brand wants to bring to its customers – the design was compact and simple yet it still catches the attention of passers-by.


makeroom-sign-makerBig brands and corporations know that everything, even the design and layout of the store can spell the make or break of your business. That is why these companies also look for leading and trusted names in the field of signage making. Because of the high quality output that it delivers to its clients, leading and up and coming corporations and brands have commissioned M&G Global Ads, the leading signage maker in the Philippines, to fabricate and install their outdoor and indoor signage for them. So what are you waiting for? Contact M&G Global Ads now and we will help you make a name for your business.

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