Gantry Signs, Pylon Posts and Light Boxes

M&G Global Ads, as a leading sign maker in the Philippines, does not only create building signage or store signs and signage. We also create gantry signs, pylon posts, totems and light boxes. The same expertise and dedication in creating our other types of signage is also employed as evidenced by our growing number of satisfied clients.

Gantry Signs

Gantry Signs are usually found along highways since they are traffic signs mounted on an overhead support structure. They are acrylic signage that provide better visibility for drivers in big highways with multiple lanes. They contain direction details such as where to make a turn in order to arrive at a certain destination. Fabricating gantry signs require an experienced sign maker who can create accurate plans and execute them seamlessly.

Gantry signs require support structures that must be made of durable and weather-resistant materials. It must also follow sound engineering principles in order to fully support the gantry sign. The material must be reflectorized so that even at night, motorists will still be able to read the information contained in the gantry sign. It must also be durable so that the changing conditions of the weather will not easily deteriorate its quality.

One of our biggest gantry sign project was for Solaire Resort & Casino. As a big entertainment complex, they required gantry signs installed in strategic location in the highway that will point guests to the correct direction. (http://mgglobalads.com/solaire-gantry-signage/) We are proud to say that Solaire was a happy customer who was extremely satisfied with the gantry sign we made.

Pylon Posts

Pylon Posts, also called pylon signs, are markers where a specific establishment is located. It’s usually seen in residential subdivisions and big commercial complexes. They can be huge structures that are several feet tall or small ones not exceeding 3 or 5 feet in height. They can be considered directional markers since they inform you where you are currently located. They can also be considered wayfinding signage since they can tell you what direction to take to arrive at your destination.

Tall pylon posts are sometimes called totem signs especially when there are several backlit signage in one pole. It’s a great way to attract customers to your business because totem signs are tall and visible from several meters away. Totem signs are great tools for advertising your business.

M&G Global Ads has a long history of fabrication pylon posts for different clients. Constructing pylon posts (http://mgglobalads.com/con/) requires expertise that only a seasoned sign maker can provide. Every time we construct a pylon post, we make sure that safety measures are employed to protect our employees. We also make sure that sound engineering concepts are applied to ensure that the structure would stand.

Our pylon signs are unique and attractive. We fabricate both illuminated and non-illuminated pylon posts featuring clean edge treatments and countersunk fasteners. The lightning components are easy to maintain with removable panels. We fabricate standard P-20 pylons complete with internal supports and mounting posts that are directly embedded on the ground. If the pylon will be installed in an existing foundation or on the surface, we also provide base plates.

Some of our successful pylon post projects are: Greenfield Pylon Posts (http://mgglobalads.com/greenfield-pylon-signage/), Western Union Signage (http://mgglobalads.com/western-union-signage/) and Festival Mall Alabang where we created several different signage including pylon signage (http://mgglobalads.com/festival-mall-signage-expansion/).

Light Boxes

Light boxes are good areas to advertise a brand or their promotional gimmick. They can be located both outdoors and indoors and are easy to maintain. The advantage of light boxes is that they are easily noticeable. They are hard to ignore even in well-lighted areas like inside a mall. Some great execution of light boxes is to have them near each other creating a repeated ad impression.

Light boxes can also be good store signage especially if you want your store signage to be illuminated all the time. They tend to be cheaper than acrylic signage also.

M&G Global Ads has been fabricating countless light boxes for our clients. Majority of these are use for ad purposes with some used for directional signs and store signs.

If you are still thinking if a light box signage is good for your business, you can read our article about it here – http://mgglobalads.com/building-signs-lightboxes/. Some of our distinguished clients for light boxes is SM Malls (http://mgglobalads.com/acrylic-signages-lightboxes/). Another great client is 678 Korean BBQ (http://mgglobalads.com/678-korean-bbq-restaurant-signs-signages/).

Light boxes are great ways to advertise and bring awareness about your business. M&G Global Ads is an expert in creating light boxes and we can definitely help your brand achieve the awareness it deserves.

M&G Global Ads is an expert in creating various backlit signage like gantry signs, pylon posts, totem signs and light boxes. We use state-of-the-art materials to make sure these signage are durable and easy-to-maintain. Here at M&G Global Ads, our commitment is to deliver satisfactory products 100% of the time.


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