Shopwise Signs and Signage

Shopwise Signs and Signage

shopwise_signage In the past few decades, hypermarkets have been gaining popularity in the Philippines for the convenience and value it gives to its customers. Not only do customers avail of discounted prices and promos for various products, but they also enjoy the shopping convenience of buying everything they need under one roof.

In the Philippines, Rustan’s Supercenters, Inc. (RSCI) was the first to adapt the hypermarket concept from European stores, establishing it into a line of discount-retailing stores. Aiming to provide quality for all, the company established the Shopwise chain of hypermarkets in order to bring good quality products everyone coming from the middle and working class and provide the basic needs of the common Filipino family.

Visuals and graphics are the most effective and important component in the field of marketing. Being the most noticeable media of marketing there is, it gives people the first impression and can be easily associated with something striking – be it a message or experience that will be remembered in memory. Making use of the effectiveness of this type of medium, these graphics and visuals should be interesting enough to attract people’s attention and should also match the quality that your business wants to be known for.

shopwiseIn designing a business establishment, every smart business owner knows that every component in the design is important as every little detail affects the feel and message that the establishment conveys to the customers. That is why establishment design should be meticulously planned both inside and outside.

For the establishment façade, it is important that every component should pique the interest of potential customers. That is why indoor and outdoor signages are important components of the overall design because it is the most noticable thing installed on your establishment façade. Though most people would forgo ensuring the quality and look of these signages because they believe that its effects are very minimal to the design, smart business owners know that these should be of high quality as this serves as the physical trademark of the brand or company.

Shopwise awarded M&G Global Ads, the number one trusted signage maker in the Philippines, to fabricate and install the outdoor signage for their newest Shopwise branch. For this project, M&G fabricated the Shopwise signage using acrylic material. This was then installed on the façade of the hypermarket. The quality of the professionally made outdoor signage instantly captured what the Shopwise brand was all about – providing quality service and products to all Filipino families.

shopwise_signThe project for Shopwise is only one among the numerous signage projects that have been commissioned to M&G Global Ads. As the leading name in the field, M&G has been awarded with various projects from both local and international brands because of its reputation for producing high quality work for its clients. If you are an up and coming enterpreneur or an established brand, you only want the best quality for your business. Contact M&G now and have your indoor/outdoor signage made by the number one signage maker in the Philippines.

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