sign maker: acrylic signage, building signage, stainless signage, signages etc.

sign maker: acrylic signage, building signage, stainless signage, signages etc.

Business Signage for Different Businesses

Different businesses need different signages. While it’s true that all businesses require a signage if they want to be easily recognized, the type of signage they use must be dependent on the nature of their business.


Business Signage for Plastic Manufacturing Company

Ik Plastic Compound Philippines, Inc. is a recently established company manufacturing plastic coloring and compounding using Japanese technology. Established in 2013 with Inabata & Company Limited owning majority shares, Ik Plastic Compound began mass productions the year after. The parent company, based in Japan, ensures that Ik Plastic Compound is staffed by highly trained personnel. Their commitment to their clients is always to deliver the highest standards of quality and service.

The company also continuously strives to improve operations and be at par with global competition.

Knowing what high standards Ik Plastic Compound places in their products, M&G Global Ads was also challenged to provide them the highest standard of stainless signage.

We understood that the company wanted a simple signage that would carry their name and announce to visitors in the office. As a new company in the Philippines, they must have a way to tell the people who visits their office not just the company name but what the company stands for. A well-designed business signage can easily help visitors identify the core values of a brand just by looking at the signage.


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Business Signage for Security Systems

Rover Systems provides state-of-the-art surveillance systems for the safety of homes, businesses, and public places. They are one of the world’s leading providers of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems and their aim is to provide electronic security solution to large industries like schools, airports and hospitals, small business establishments and even households.

They have trained their personnel to be knowledgeable about their industry and products and to be able to provide quality support and services to their customers. They are a highly diversified and aggressive company committed to making the world a safer place to live in.

They operate on the belief that nothing else matters more than the safety of the people and things that we hold significant and essential to our lives.

Understanding the purpose of their business, Rover Systems is able to consistently deliver client satisfaction resulting in a long line of extremely satisfied customers.

Knowing how passionate Rover Systems when it comes to their business, M&G Global Ads matched that passion by creating a state-of-the-art acrylic signage for their business. All around their office, we created and installed several sets of acrylic signages that lit up at night drawing attention to their logo.


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Business Signage for an Imported Brand

It was in 1976 when a 23-year old businessman used steam distillation to produce an essential oil from wild rosemary. Two years after, in 1978, the first L’Occitane boutique opened in a small village in Provence, France. L’Occitane is named after the women of Occitania, an area spanning southern France, north-eastern Spain and northern Italy during the Middle Ages.

Through the leadership of an Austrian businessman who became a major shareholder of the company in 1996, L’Occitane soon opened in international shores. Today, it has shops in over 90 countries in all major continents with 170 shops in the US alone. Worldwide, the company employs 6,600 people as of 2013. Its full name is L’Occitane en Provence to give credit to its roots.

From its humble beginnings, L’Occitane today is an international retailer of face, body and home products. They are based in Manosque, France and sources majority of raw materials from Provence. This is in line with the founder’s vision of creating a company that celebrates and preserves the traditions of native Provence. L’Occitance preserves traditional cultivation methods through supporting various programs that organically grow and cultivate the raw materials they use. They follow the specifications of Ecocert in developing their organic cosmetics.

In the Philippines, L’Occitane has branches in major high-end malls such as Greenbelt, Rockwell and Trinoma. They sell their products for an average P1,500 to P2,500 each. As a known maker of high-quality, luxurious organic products, they can command a premium price for their goods.

Knowing the rich history of L’Occitane and their high-end target market, M&G Global Ads created an acrylic signage that would speak of luxury and high-quality. We made sure that the store’s business signage is spotless and every inch perfect. Discerning customers from afar would readily identify with L’Occitane’s signage and know that they will get only the best products inside.

What to look for in a sign maker?

Business signage speak a lot about the kind of company and brand they represent. It is important that you select a sign maker who understands the background of your business and is willing to devote the same passion you have for your business in creating your signage.

Your selected sign maker must ask questions or do background research about your company prior to creating the signage. It’s not just about knowing your logo and accurately depicting it into a signage. The heart to create an excellent quality signage must be there.

You must also select a sign maker who understands the technical aspects involved in creating a signage. They must be able to comply with regulations in creating a signage as well as come up with a durable signage that can last for several years.

We are proud to announce that M&G Global Ads, the sign maker of choice in the Philippines, possess all of the above traits. We can guarantee that your business will have the perfect signage – durable, sturdy and relatable to your target market.


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