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Acrylic Signage for a New Restaurant

The actor, Victor Neri has made a comeback in the local scene. This time, he aims to be known not just as an actor but as a chef with his own restaurant. Sauté, a restaurant featuring a mix of Asian foods recently opened in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. This restaurant is owned and managed by Victor Neri who studied Culinary Arts in Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkok for two years. After doing odd jobs in Hong Kong and Beijing, he eventually decided to return to the Philippines and apply what he learned from Thai and Chinese cuisines.

Acrylic Signages Acrylic Signs restaurant sign               Sauté specializes in Asian comfort food that is familiar to the Asian palate. Most of the items on the menu is spicy hot and prepared by sauté-ing. Neri loved Thai food so he studied their cuisine and now wants to share what he has learned with his fellow Filipinos.

With the debut of his first restaurant, Victor Neri wanted a professional sign maker to create a restaurant signage that can capture Sauté’s brand. He employed M&G Global ads to create an acrylic signage for the store’s frontage.

We made sure that we followed the restaurant’s concept in designing the signage. An acrylic signage is perfect for Victor Neri’s requirement for a restaurant signage because it is able to capture all the colors required for Sauté’s branding. Also, an acrylic signage is able to withstand the test of time therefore giving more value for money.

Apart from the acrylic signage, we also created glass stickers for the glass panels of the restaurant. These were simple frosted glass stickers made to reinforce the branding of Sauté. Restaurant signage can be an acrylic signage for the store’s main entrance or glass stickers for the glass panels surrounding the restaurant. M&G Global Ads provide all sorts of restaurant signage that is suited for the specific needs of the restaurant.


Booth Signage for a Car Exhibit

Honda Power Tools recently participated in an SMX Event where they exhibited their top of the line power equipment. Honda is a Japanese multi-corporation known for their automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment. They also manufacture garden equipment, marine engines, personal watercraft and power generators. They are also engaged in artificial intelligence/robotics manufacture and research. Recently, they became involved with aerospace equipment development.

Sign Maker Signage Maker Signages             In the Philippines, Honda is primarily known for their vehicles. They are one of the leading automobile brands. During the SMX Event, they showcased their other line of products which are power tools such as generators, engines, etc.

To make the booth enticing to exhibit goers, they needed a signage that can communicate the brand’s superior quality. Honda approached the top sign maker in the Philippines, M&G Global Ads, to create an acrylic signage to adorn the booth. We spelled the word Honda in the signage and attached a LED backlight to make it stand out. We created acrylic signage for the sides of the booth and the main inner wall.

Signage are crucial not just for restaurants or stores but also for booths. Any edifice which houses a product that needs to be promoted to the public deserves a high quality signage. Depending on the brand’s reputation and image, the appropriate signage must be made. In the case of Honda, their edifice is a booth located in a convention center. They are showcasing their power tools products and they need the public to know who they are and where they are located. A professionally-made acrylic signage is the best solution.

It needs to be expertly created in order to communicate Honda’s long history of expertise, growth and strength.


Store Signage for a Women’s Shoe Brand

Aerosoles is an international shoe company that produces shoes known to be comfortable for every woman. Realizing that women often suffer from uncomfortable (although great-looking) shoes, Aerosoles designed shoes that are still fashionable but also comfortable. They have a full range of style made from unique constructions and quality materials. Women can find high heeled dress pumps, sandals, and boots that are as comfortable as casual shoes.

acrylic signage acrylic sign acrylic signs              The company has been  promoting comfort, style, quality and real value for 25 years already and is present in more than 100 stores in the US alone. They can also be found in 15 countries including China, the Philippines, Israel, Spain and Canada.

Their pride is in the unique diamond pattern soles which is built through their own construction. They build shoes from the bottom up as they continuously challenge themselves to keep innovating. They have their own unique method for constructing the shoes and this has differentiated them from the competition.

Aerosoles recently opened store engaged M&G Global Ads to create their store signage. We created a front acrylic signage as well as an indoor acrylic signage. Staying true with Aerosoles’ values of comfort and value, their store signage is simple yet elegant. We created an acrylic signage that reflects the brand’s core values and communicated excellence to mall goers.


Signage design is a business requiring the sign maker to be in tuned with the brand’s core values. These must be evident in how the signage is made. Installing the signage also involves precision and care. As professional sign makers, M&G Global Ads is committed to creating signage that convey brand identity and last several years.


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