678 Korean BBQ Restaurant Signs and Signages

678 Korean BBQ Restaurant Signs and Signages

M&G Global Ads  are proud to get the contract to be the sign maker for 678 Korean BBQ.

678 Korean BBQ is located various places globally ,

678 Korean BBQ will open in Philippines at Mall of Asia near the bay ! Taste their world Class BBQ ! you can’t miss their signage.

“678” was named from the oriental mathematical principle. 21 added by 6, 7and 8 means is a perfect number. So ‘678’ means “Achieving the Great Work by Winning through Everything Wisely.”

678 korean BBQ

With the Korean wave gaining global popularity since the past decade, South Korean culture has spread its influence from different parts of Asia to the Americas and even European countries. And with this Korean global cultural invasion, Korean cuisine restaurants such as the 678 Korean BBQ have become popular to the general public.

Owned by wrestler and comedian Kang Ho-dong, 678 Korean BBQ aims to make your dining out experience a happy and healthy one. The chain of restaurants was named from an oriental mathematical principle. When added, 6, 7 and 8 sums up to 21, a perfect number. When put together, 678 means “Achieving Great Work by Winning through Everything Wisely.” With over four hundred stores in South Korea and slowly expanding in other countries, 678 Korean BBQ would like to show and share the joys of Korean cuisine across the globe.

In designing your business establishment, you must always think of what impression you want to convey to your customers. Think of what message should the establishment design give out. Though it is not the same for all entrepreneurs, generally, the concept of the design depends on what type of service or products they want to offer to their customers. It is important that in every aspect of the design, it should contribute to the overall feel or message that you want to convey to the customers.

Though it may seem as the least thing to worry about, signs and signages play a major role in the establishment in the design. Because it is usually located at the façade, it is one of the things that greets everyone that passes by or walks into your business establishment. And as part of the overall design, it should immediately convey the message to your customers.

678 korean BBQ_lightboxesThe international brand 678 Korean BBQ commissioned M&G Global Ads, the leading signage maker in the Philippines, to fabricate and install their signage in their newly opened branch at the SM Mall of Asia in Bay City, Pasay. For 678, M&G fabricated an outdoor signage depicting the brand’s logo and was installed on stone gray colored façade of the restaurant. The contrast between the outdoor signage and the façade made it stand out and noticable. The professionally made signage embodied what 678 Korean BBQ is all about – aiming to bring Korean cuisine and culture to the world and making the dining experience a joyful one.

This is not the only project that has been commissoned to M&G. Because of the high quality output that it produces, the leading signage maker in the Philippines has a long roster of projects coming from both local and international brands. These brands and companies only commission their projects to trusted names in the field of sign making such as M&G Global Ads because they only want the highest quality in everything they do. So if you are an established brand or an up and coming one, make the smartest business decision today and contact M&G Global Ads to have your own indoor/outdoor signage professionally made for you.

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