The Real Cost of Renting a Tent for Your Event

The Real Cost of Renting a Tent for Your Event


The Real Cost of Renting a Tent for Your EventLonging for a garden wedding or a beach debut? While nature can make an astounding picturesque scenery for your wedding function or gathering, if you’re wedding setting requires a tent (or on the off chance that you require one for a climate reinforcement design) your wedding tent expenses can include rapidly. Those additional pesos can put your fantasy event scene over spending plan on the off chance that you don’t plan it. All in all, exactly what amount do wedding or event tents cost? We’ve incorporated some broad costs underneath to help kick you off and also addresses you should anticipate asking an imminent wedding tent organization (and in addition your wedding scene). There are likewise simple approaches to spare A LOT of cash with regards to wedding tent cost, so read below.


What You Need to Know When Figuring Out Your Wedding Tent Cost


Types of Wedding or Event Tents

The primary thing you should know is that wedding tents are essentially separated into two distinct sorts: post tents and casing tents. While the materials they are made out of and additionally their general shapes/outlines can differ broadly, you can show signs of improvement thought of the style of tent you’re searching for by choosing which one of the two you like better. Here are the essential contrasts:


Post tents: These tents ordinarily go on grass since they must be staked. They have no less than one focus shaft yet can frequently have a few (which many couples finish with texture, blossoms/vines, or different materials).


Casing tents: A casing tent is more flexible since it can go on numerous surfaces (counting grass, black-top, concrete or a deck). Since there are no posts inside the tent, it will give you all the more area inside since you don’t need to design your seating around the shafts.


Additionally, remember that Sperry Tents—a post style tent made of sail-material texture versus a conventional vinyl—are basically in their very own classification. While you may lean toward one sort of tent over another, you should run with the wedding tent sort that works best for your space. For instance, tent casings are best for limit spaces, while post tents work best for spaces that are no less than 30″ wide.




There are a huge amount of equations out there to enable you to figure out what estimate tent you’ll require, considering what sorts of tables you’ll have (square or round), and regardless of whether you’ll have a move floor among different contemplations. Notwithstanding, we wouldn’t get excessively wrapped up in that considering you’ll in all probability get the greater part of that data from the tent organization amid your initially meeting/call.


In any case, so you have a thought beneath are general size necessities you can hope to use for shaft tents:


Up to 100 visitors – a 30×60 shaft tent

Up to 140 visitors – 40×60 post tent

Up to 200 visitors – 40×80 post tent


Notwithstanding your fundamental wedding tent structure, you’ll need to choose which of the accompanying increments you’ll require:


Ground surface

Side dividers






Before you will have the capacity to make sense of how much a wedding tent will cost you, you ought to be set up to ask your wedding or event setting and tent rental organizations the accompanying inquiries:


For the wedding or event tent organization:


Is work incorporated into the tent rental cost?

If not, what is your evaluated work taken a toll?

To what extent is the tent rental time frame?

Does the tent require an allow or is it incorporated into the cost?

Is the tent weatherproof?

What’s your cancellation strategy?

How are a minute ago requests dealt with?

What are your conveyance/pickup expenses?

What measure do you suggest?

Are sidewalls/flooring/lights or different segments included?

Are there any rebates for leasing other hardware from you (tables, seats, and so forth.)


For the wedding setting:


Am I required to have a wedding tent for the service and additionally gathering? If not, what is the setting’s climate reinforcement design?

How long do I have for setup/breakdown? (When in doubt, tents can take around 6-8 hours for setup, and a large portion of that opportunity to separate them.)

What is the cost for extra rental hours if necessary?

Is there a power hotspot for a tent or do I require a generator?

What are the estimations of the space we would be tenting?

Am I required to utilize a particular tent rental organization? If not, which ones would you be able to prescribe?


Here’s a depiction of some broad event tent rental costs:


Essential tent structure cost: PHP 25,000 for your littlest tent (like the one you may use for your food providers) up to PHP 100,000 contingent upon estimate, sort, and so forth.


Deck: Tent ground surface can run any place between PHP 50 to PHP 150 a sq. foot., so evaluate between PHP 15,000 to PHP 50,000  relying upon the sort (plastic, wood, and so forth.)


Generator: PHP 25,000


Ceiling fixtures: PHP 2500 each


Side dividers: These are charged by straight square foot, which can extend from PHP 50 to PHP 200. You can hope to pay around PHP 20,000 for a 40’X60′ tent.


Tent liners: According to Pacific Party Canopies, a general gauge for liners in a 40’X60′ tent is around $1,080.



In case you’re picking a setting since it’s more affordable than different ones you’ve seen however it needs a tent, you’ll need to consider that value your scene spending plan. Contingent upon the cost you could potentially run with another scene that is more costly yet won’t require a tent. Ask the wedding or event setting or food provider who they prescribe for wedding tent rentals. It’s vastly improved to run with a tent rental organization who has worked with the space earlier and knows the lay of the land. On the off chance that your whole wedding gathering is outside and food providers need to set up a kitchen, you’ll need to factor in the cost of a cooking tent too (recorded previously).



Skirt the liner. While these look flawless, they can cost you as much as the cost of the tent as a rule. Rather, run with a post tent in case you’re searching for that drapey look. Texture dividers will cost you more. Run with strong, clear, or windowed dividers to keep the cost all things considered. Try not to get flooring for your whole tent. Rather, select to have only a move floor.


While warmers are an unquestionable requirement in frosty months (and are reasonable), aeration and cooling systems will cost you a fortune (and tent organizations once in a while propose you get one). Rather, select fans to chill the tent off if vital. Edge tents can be more costly because of the complicated roof and the way that you’ll in all likelihood need to line them (unless they’re clear). To spare cash, decide on a shaft tent.



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