Constructing pylon posts

Constructing Pylon Posts

One of the most demanding jobs of a signage maker is to create pylon posts. Pylon posts are those tall structures that you see along the road. They either serve as markers to tell you where you are or act as directional signs to tell you where a particular place is located.

Pylon signage play a very useful role and it’s impossible to forego them. They are used not just by business establishments but even by government institutions as they serve a very critical purpose for motorists and commuters alike.

Because pylon posts are tall, they may contain different brand signage along their length. This brand signage stacked up against each other is reminiscent of a totem pole which is why pylon posts are also called totem posts.

Pylon signage can be found also in the center of intersections and serve as road markers. They are especially useful in rotundas where they can provide direction to what can be found in the area.

Constructing pylon signage is tricky because the sign maker must also be aware how they will create the base supporting the pylon. Careful planning is always employed since you need a strong and durable pylon in order to ensure the safety of the people passing by and the structures near the pylon signage. Since you are erecting a tall structure, the base must be sturdy in order for it to be able to support the full weight of the entire pylon.

Another thing considered when constructing a pylon is its location. It must be visible even from afar and thus must be strategically located and positioned. It must also be of the right height so that it is not easily obstructed by anything.

Constructing pylon posts also poses several dangers and risks. Inexperienced sign makers may not take precautions seriously but this is a wrong strategy. Since climbing tall heights usually supported only by the pylon itself is required in order to be able to properly erect the main signage, the workers must always follow safety measures and be properly insured should anything untoward happen. All possible risks must have been identified and mitigated.

Because pylon posts are always exposed to weather elements, it is essential that they be made of strong and durable materials which can withstand the constantly changing weather conditions especially here in the Philippines.

M&G Global Ads is a professional sign maker and is reputed to be the #1 sign maker in the Philippines. As a seasoned and experienced sign maker, our commitment to our clients is always to produce signage that they will be proud of and 100% satisfied.

When we are asked to fabricate a pylon signage, we make sure to first study the proposed location. We look at possible obstructions and how the pylon will be viewed from afar. Once we have assessed the location and have a thorough understanding of the surroundings, we proceed to drawing up the plans for the signage.

Using sound engineering and architectural principles, we design the pylon signage to reflect the client’s needs and wishes. We meticulously calculate the provisions in the design to make sure that the pylon signage is sturdy and won’t be subjected to any disasters once we start fabricating and installing.

In creating the actual pylon signage, M&G Global Ads makes sure that the right foundations are laid. We dig a considerable depth into the soil where the pylon signage is located. The depth will be proportional to the height of the pylon. Every pylon post we have erected are supported by strong foundations that won’t easily budge despite adverse natural conditions.

We take the safety of our workers seriously so when creating the pylon we make sure there are scaffolds all around which they use. They are also secured by ropes. We also follow other safety precautions and we make sure they have been trained properly for the job at hand. Our workers are professionals and can confidently install and create pylon posts.

We also take the safety of the general public into consideration so we make sure our area is secured before we start building the pylon signage. We put up divisions that block the construction from the area of the public and these last until the construction is complete.

Pylon posts add a new dimension to any location where it is placed. When designed beautifully, they add to the grandeur of the place. When properly secured, they do not pose a potential health hazard. Pylon posts help people figure out where they are going and any place that has them benefits from their presence.

However, pylon posts cannot be created by just any sign maker. The sign maker must be experienced and understand the risks involved. These will enable the sign maker to propose the most feasible design and actually construct the pylon post according to the design.

Here at M&G Global Ads we guarantee that we can fabricate pylon posts that will exceed your expectations. Our growing number of clients can attest to our expertise in creating pylon signage as evidenced in the projects we did for them.

So if you have a pylon signage need, give us a call. We would love to help.



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