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It’s amazing how words on a screen come alive on paper with great detail. Perhaps the ease and frequency with which we print makes us forget. But printing technology has come a long way. The printing press of centuries have blocks dipped in ink then pressed on rugged paper. Now, we have 3D printing to build about anything. We don’t even recognize that cool fact and take huge leaps of advancement for granted.

Arguably the best method of commercial printing today, offset printing most probably produced most printed media you see around you. At home you have calendars, CD sleeves, book jackets, postcards from relatives, magazines. In the office, envelopes, letterheads, newsletters, business cards. For ads everywhere, there are flyers, posters and brochures. The list of offset printing products is endless.

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As to why offset printing is the best bet of corporate, publishing, and most other industries there are many reasons. This method of printing is best for producing large volumes of highest quality prints economically and time-efficiently.

Consistent superb quality is at the forefront of offset printing’s strengths. The images produced are sharp and clean, and the colors are vibrant and not streaked. The intricate details you design on screen would not be sacrificed on paper. In contrast, lower quality printings would have less crisp, banded print outputs that are unpleasant to look at. What you would get from offset printing is a sophisticated print material that stands out with professionalism and authenticity. If content is on art and design, the output would be rich and accurate down to the slightest of subtleties.

When production is at large volumes, offset is also the best option because it saves you money and time. It’s a win-win situation: offset printing is the cheapest mode of printing with the highest image quality output. The affordability and high grade work for commercial printing quantities make it the top choice for marketing, advertising, etc. To add to this, offset printing is also speedy. It’s a quick and easy process which makes tight deadlines not a problem. You will still receive the same high quality of print even in a very short amount of time.

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The versatility of this mode of printing should not be overlooked as well. Virtually all printed materials can be produced by offset printing. A wide variety of sizes, shapes, material and cuts of the desired output can be achieved by offset. Hence, be it business needs, advertising campaign or a customized project, offset printing can deliver.

All of these converging qualities make offset printing the way to go when it comes to print needs. Quality is not sacrificed for speed, and even this does not demand rocketing fees. It meets whatever need you have and delivers with high class. On the receiving end, you have a satisfying print product with the authentic feel, while time and money are saved.

Therefore, the choice is apparent. When you need to rush and mass produce a brochure, a poster, or your very own business card perhaps, choose offset printing. Get it done fast, low-cost and high-quality.

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