Digital & Offset Printing Services in Philippines

Digital & Offset Printing Services in Manila Philippines

Are you looking for a world class printing press offering top notch printing services? Then you’ve come to the right place. M&G Global Ads, the Philippines’ number one sign maker is now offering printing services.
We can take care of all your printing needs such as business cards, magazines, flyers, packaging, brochures, and other advertising materials. We use digital printing and offset printing to bring you high quality printed materials that will surely help your business achieve your desired sales and growth.
Not sure which is best for your needs? Or not sure what is the difference between digital printing and offset printing? Then read on to find out.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing refers to modern day printing methods involving direct printing of a digital image from a computer unto a printing substrate usually paper, fabric or ceramic materials. It eliminates a lot of the mechanical processes of traditional printing.

digital printing service

digital printing

There are different advantages to using digital printing. These are:
Digital Printing has a shorter turnaround time. It is faster to print your materials using digital printing. This is because the digital image is directly printed into the material without the need to create plates, etc.
Digital Printing produces accurate image no matter how many copies are produced. Every item you print, the image will look the same. Because each copy looks the same, then there’s fewer waste and fewer variations. This happens because during press run, you don’t need to balance the ink and water anymore.
Digital Printing offers low costs for small print volumes. Because no setup costs are involved, you can print small volumes of your image and the total cost will come out cheaper as compared to offset printing.

digital offset printing

digital offset printing

Digital Printing makes variable printing possible. This means you can customize your printed materials such as in personalized letters, etc. You just need to merge the printing with a database and you can expect that the printing press will print your personalized materials without stopping or slowing down.
Offset Printing
Offset Printing is most commonly used for high volume commercial printing. In this printing service, the image is first burned in a plate then transferred to a rubber blanket before printing in the printing surface. Offset printing relies on the use of ink rollers and the repulsion of oil and water to create an image.

It also has its own sets of advantages:

Offset printing produces a really high quality image. Because the image are placed into prints, the image produced is really sharp.

Offset printing can be used for various printing surfaces like paper, cloth, wood, metal, rough paper, leather and plastic.

offset printing machine

offset printing machine

Offset printing offers the lowest per unit cost. As the volume goes up, the unit cost per item goes down. Therefore, for huge volumes, like those in flyer printing and packaging printing, offset printing is the way to go.

Checklist: Deciding between Offset and Digital Printing

If you are still unsure which is the best printing method for your business needs, then consider the following factors:

Turnaround: How soon do you need your material? If you need it fast, digital printing is the way to go. If you can afford the time, then offset printing may be a cheaper option.

Quantity: How many print volume do you need? If you only need a few, consider digital printing. If you need a lot, like thousands, consider offset printing.

Color: What color system are you using for your image? If you are using the Pantone Matching System, then offset printing uses actual Pantone ink and will give you the closest match. Offset

printing is also cost effective if you are using only black ink or one or two colors. Digital printing uses four-color process printing to closely match the colors in the digital image.

Proofing: Do you need an actual proof of the final printed image? Digital printing can offer accurate proofs. However, for offset printing, obtaining an accurate proof is really expensive because of the setup costs.

Printing Medium: What material will you print your image on? Offset printing offers the highest flexibility since it can print on virtually any surface.

Customization: Are the printed materials personalized? Then without a doubt, you need digital printing. Offset printing cannot handle variable printing.

Some practical examples where offset printing is used are for packaging printing and flyer printing. These materials are normally produced in large quantities. In the case of packaging, a wider range of printing media is needed. Digital printing is great for business cards and magazines since volumes are normally not that huge and they are required in a faster turnaround time.

M&G Global Ads, has now expanded to be a printing press in Manila. We offer printing services for your business needs and you can count on us to deliver world-class and excellent service. Give us a call today for your printing needs.


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