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Excellent Advantages of Offset Printing Philippines – Printing Services Philippines

Whether for basic printing, design or general purpose, the process of offset printing involves finished products that are made with ultimate precision and detail. The graphics and images have rich and vivid colors while providing great selection of hues and tones to exactly match the desired output. Typically, it’s a printing technique commonly used wherein an inked picture is offset or transferred from the plate to the rubber blanket. After making sure that there is clarity, it is now transferred to the actual printing material.

When applied with lithographic process based on water and oil repulsion, it uses planographic or flat image carrier in order to ensure that it obtains essential ink produced by the ink rollers. On the other hand, the non-printing parts draw water based film also known as fountain solution to keep that part from unnecessary ink. Offset press development comes in 2 versions namely: 1) Robert Barclay’s 1875 tin printing in England and 2) Ira Washington Rubel’s 1903 paper printing in the US. And with regards to offset printing Philippines, the services are highly improved to guarantee quality printing output that the clients exactly need.

printing services philippines

printing services philippines


Today, offset printing is remarkably a common way to create printed matter. Some of the applications it caters to include books, stationery, brochures, magazines, and newspapers. Unlike other printing techniques, offset printing offers an ultimate advantage of economically producing larger volumes of high-quality prints through less maintenance. In addition, the modern printing services Philippines utilize computer-to-plate systems in preference to traditional computer-to-film work flows. This further augments the quality after the process is done.

Benefits of Offset Printing in the Philippines

The advantages of such printing technique include the following:

  • Reliable high-image quality. It simply produces clean and sharp type and images more easily unlike letterpress printing. This is due to the rubber blanket that sticks to the printing material’s texture.
  • Simpler and faster way to produce printing plates.
  • The life of printing plates is longer than on-direct litho presses due to the indirect contact between the printing surface and plate. The plates are also properly produced through the use of optimized inks as well as fountain solution. As a result, the exact outcome is achieved in terms of run lengths.
  • Cheaper alternative than other printing methods offered in the Philippines. However, the output is guaranteed to have quality prints especially for commercial printing volumes.

Another advantage you should know is the capability to adjust ink amounts via the fountain rollers with easy to control screw keys. Most commonly, the metal blade organizes the ink amount that will be moved from the ink channel to the fountain rollers. If you can adjust the screws, you can change the gap between the fountain roller and blade. This leads to the successful application of ink amounts to the rollers which you can decrease or increase in specific parts. As a result, the thickness of the colors in the particular parts of the images is modified.

offset printing philippines

offset printing philippines

Essence of Offset Press to High Volume Prints

On traditional machines, the screws can be adjusted in a manual manner. However, the sophisticated printing machines available today have screw keys that are electronically operated using a printer that controls the machine. This will enable the printing machine to produce better and more precise results. Overall, the image quality achieved by the offset press is notably high. The images are also steady from the initial printing to the final process even on larger orders. The consistency and quality of the images are common factors that make people choose this method.

The printing press Philippines uses 4-color printing technique which is very common to commercial printing needs. The color scheme utilizes the 4 standard colors including black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. Consequently, it provides the printed image with more realistic and vibrant appeal. And if you are curious if this is really cost effective, then the answer is yes. The exceptional quality of the printed output is in fact one of the reasons why big companies and typical customers choose such service. Hence, printing Philippines has significantly leveled up in terms of quality and consistency just like in offset printing.

2 Types of Offset Presses Commonly Used in Printing

While both provide excellent image quality, you still need to know each type for basic knowledge. The first one is the web-fed press that is used in continuous basis. It is fed by a huge paper roll that generates massive volumes of prints each day. The second one is the sheet-fed press that involves using individual paper sheet with various sizes. It depends on the particular order made to be printed. Again, these two types of presses offer similar advantages to clients. The big difference, however, is how the papers are fed into presses. In web-fed press, high-volume orders are achieved through an estimate of 50,000 pieces. Conversely, the sheet-fed press is typically utilized for low-volume orders and business printing.

So when choosing this service, make sure to consider certain factors like quantity, printing medium, color, more vivid color, turnaround, proofing, and customization. It will help you meet your exact requirements while receiving high-quality prints in bigger volumes. And if you’re still curious if this printing method is the perfect solution for all your printing needs, then look around you. Look how people consume printed materials every single day. From the newspapers read first thing in the morning to the magazines and books that you read before you sleep.

Bottom Line

If you are a graphic designer, you can relate to this process and is familiar with the templates used. Also, the full-color designs available makes the technique much easier to perform. The offset press provides excellent advantage in timely production of massive prints. Regardless of paper-fed type, after loading the material to the press, it undergoes a chain of rollers working to ensure that the specific design is achieved. So if you are currently in need of a reliable offset printing service in the Philippines, you’ve visited the right site.

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