How Much Does It Take To Rent a Wedding Tent?

How Much Does It Take To Rent a Wedding Tent?

Aching for a garden wedding or a shoreline make a big appearance? While nature can influence a dumbfounding beautiful view for your wedding to capacity or get-together, in case you’re wedding setting requires a tent (or in case you require one for an atmosphere support plan) your wedding tent costs can incorporate quickly. Those extra pesos can put your dream occasion scene over spending anticipate the remote possibility that you don’t design it. All things considered, precisely what sum do wedding or occasion tents cost? We’ve consolidated some wide expenses underneath to help kick you off and furthermore addresses you ought to foresee asking an inevitable wedding tent association (and also your wedding scene). There are in like manner straightforward ways to deal with save A LOT of money concerning wedding tent cost, so read beneath.


What You Need to Know When Figuring Out Your Wedding Tent Cost


Sorts of Wedding or Event Tents


The essential thing you should know is that wedding tents are basically isolated into two particular sorts: post tents and packaging tents. While the materials they are made out of and also their general shapes/layouts can contrast comprehensively, you can hint at change thought of the style of tent you’re looking for by picking which one of the two you like better. Here are the fundamental complexities:


Post tents: These tents conventionally go on grass since they should be staked. They have no short of what one concentration shaft yet can much of the time have a couple (which many couples complete with surface, blooms/vines, or diverse materials).


Packaging tents: A packaging tent is more adaptable since it can go on various surfaces (checking grass, dark best, concrete or a deck). Since there are no posts inside the tent, it will give all of you the more territory inside since you don’t have to plan your seating around the poles.


Furthermore, recollect that Sperry Tents—a post style tent made of sail-material surface versus an ordinary vinyl—are fundamentally in their own one of a kind grouping. While you may lean toward one kind of tent over another, you should keep running with the wedding tent sort that works best for your space. For example, tent housings are best for restrict spaces, while post tents work best for spaces that are no under 30″ wide.




There are an enormous measure of conditions out there to empower you to make sense of what appraise tent you’ll require, considering what sorts of tables you’ll have (square or round), and paying little mind to whether you’ll have a move floor among various thoughts. In any case, we wouldn’t get unnecessarily wrapped up in that considering you’ll more likely than not get most of that information from the tent association in the midst of your at first gathering/call.


Regardless, so you have an idea underneath are general size necessities you can want to use for shaft tents:


Up to 100 guests – a 30×60 shaft tent


Up to 140 guests – 40×60 post tent


Up to 200 guests – 40×80 post tent


Despite your central wedding tent structure, you’ll have to pick which of the going with increases you’ll require:


Ground surface


Side dividers










Before you will have the ability to comprehend how much a wedding tent will cost you, you should be set up to ask your wedding or occasion setting and tent rental associations the going with request:


For the wedding or occasion tent association:


Is work joined into the tent rental cost?


If not, what is your assessed work incurred significant damage?


Whatever extent is the tent rental time allotment?


Does the tent require a permit or is it fused into the cost?


Is the tent weatherproof?


What’s your cancelation technique?


How are a moment back solicitations managed?


What are your transport/pickup costs?


What measure do you propose?


Are sidewalls/flooring/lights or distinctive portions included?


Are there any refunds for renting other equipment from you (tables, seats, et cetera.)


For the wedding setting:


Am I required to have a wedding tent for the administration and furthermore assembling? If not, what is the setting’s atmosphere support plan?


To what extent do I have for setup/breakdown? (If all else fails, tents can take around 6-8 hours for setup, and an expansive segment of that chance to isolate them.)


What is the cost for additional rental hours if fundamental?


Is there a power hotspot for a tent or do I require a generator?


What are the estimations of the space we would tent?


Am I required to use a specific tent rental association? If not, which ones would you have the capacity to recommend?


Here’s a portrayal of some wide occasion tent rental expenses:


Fundamental tent structure cost: PHP 25,000 for your most diminutive tent (like the one you may use for your sustenance suppliers) up to PHP 100,000 dependent upon gauge, sort, et cetera.


Deck: Tent ground surface can run wherever between PHP 50 to PHP 150 a sq. foot., so assess between PHP 15,000 to PHP 50,000 depending upon the sort (plastic, wood, et cetera.)


Generator: PHP 25,000


Roof installations: PHP 2500 each


Side dividers: These are charged by straight square foot, which can stretch out from PHP 50 to PHP 200. You can would like to pay around PHP 20,000 for a 40’X60′ tent.


Tent liners: According to Pacific Party Canopies, a general check for liners in a 40’X60′ tent is around $1,080.


Keep in mind THESE THINGS


On the off chance that you’re picking a setting since it’s more reasonable than various ones you’ve seen anyway it needs a tent, you’ll have to consider that esteem your scene spending design. Dependent upon the cost you could potentially keep running with another scene that is all the more expensive yet won’t require a tent. Ask the wedding or occasion setting or sustenance supplier who they endorse for wedding tent rentals. It’s inconceivably enhanced to keep running with a tent rental association who has worked with the space before and knows the lay of the land. In case your entire wedding gathering is outside and sustenance suppliers need to set up a kitchen, you’ll have to factor in the cost of a cooking tent as well (recorded beforehand).




Skirt the liner. While these look impeccable, they can cost you as much as the cost of the tent generally speaking. Or maybe, keep running with a post tent in the event that you’re scanning for that drapey look. Surface dividers will cost you more. Keep running with solid, clear, or windowed dividers to keep the cost everything considered. Make an effort not to get flooring for your entire tent. Or maybe, select to have just a move floor.


While warmers are an irrefutable necessity in chilly months (and are sensible), air circulation and cooling frameworks will cost you a fortune (and tent associations every so often propose you get one). Or maybe, select fans to cool the tent off if key. Edge tents can be all the more expensive as a result of the confounded rooftop and the way that you’ll more then likely need to line them (unless they’re clear). To save money, choose a pole tent.



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