Manila Doctors Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs for Manila Doctors Hospital

M&G Global Ads was once again fortunate to land a project with Manila Doctors Hospital. The recent renovations of the reputable Manila City hospital called for a professional and expert sign maker to create their signage. Hospital signage is critical in order to make a hospital building stand out amongst its surroundings.

As the number one sign maker in the Philippines, our job was to make sure we create a world-class hospital signage for Manila Doctors Hospital. We began the job by meeting the client and understanding their signage needs. We learned that apart from the usual hospital signage, they also required a pylon signage to place outside the building premises. They also wanted to use LED lights in all their signage in order to maximize the benefits of LED.

As a hospital, their signage will be lit almost 100% of the time in order to easily convey to their patrons where they are located. Having signage that uses LED lights will make sure that they maximize their visibility without compromising on costs. LED lights are known to be energy efficient thus they are able to stand being lit for extended periods of time without having such a huge impact on the energy bill.

The hospital also wanted a pylon signage so that even from afar patients can already see them. This is especially helpful in the crowded Manila area especially at night time when you can expect patients to be coming from various directions. A pylon signage, which stands tall and bright, will help these patients easily locate the hospital among the crowded area.

After understanding the needs of our client, we proceeded to creating drafts of the signage plan. We presented flat architectural drawings as well as 3D layouts and perspectives. This allows the client to visualize the look of the signage and in case there are some changes they can communicate it at once. This avoids any reworks that may happen which will be costly for both the client and M&G Global Ads. Once the signage designs were approved, it’s now time to start fabrication.

When fabricating signage, M&G Global Ads follow world-class procedures to ensure that our signage comes out accurate and of high quality. We source out only the best materials to create our signage and follow internationally accepted practices in creating it. We emphasize professionalism in our work and make sure our employees follow procedures that will make the product stand out and the workplace safe and secure.

Once we are done with fabrication, we needed to install the signage. We take great care to moving the signage from our factory towards the official site. When we arrived at the hospital, we made sure that we were swift and efficient in installing the signage so that we do not interrupt their usual business. We know that hospitals are always busy and we don’t want to get in the way.

While installing the hospital signage and pylon signage, we make sure to follow the plans and safety procedures. Our intent is to always minimize the risks and maximize the time given to us. We usually take only a few hours to install our signage being careful to be thorough and not disrupt normal operations.

Once we had the signage properly installed and running, we inspect it for some other issues that may crop up. Once satisfied, we conclude the project done and inform the client. We make sure the client is satisfied with our work and that everything is in order before we leave the site. We always leave the site cleaner and free from any obstruction or left over materials that may have been present when we were installing the signage.

Here at M&G Global Ads our commitment is to always create signage that our clients can be proud of. We are happy to have delivered another world class hospital signage to Manila Doctors Hospital.

Manila Doctors Pylon Signs

Manila Doctors Pylon Signs

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