A Brief Guide in Business Signage Planning

5 Major Rules When Planning for Your Business Signage



Never underestimate the power of signs and graphics in bringing success to your business.


Out of the many marketing tools today, a signage for your business is still one of the most effective; hence, shouldn’t be taken for granted. It doesn’t require that much budget but you get to promote your products or services, communicate essential details, create first impression, brand and landmark your company, attract attention, and most of all, make life easier for your potential customers.


But how do you actually conceptualize one? As you see, different types of signs are everywhere (stainless signage, acrylic signage, and etc); in fact, almost anywhere you go, in and out. And so, the question is — what is that particular concept that works?


Whether it is for a small, medium, or large scale business, here are ideas to guide you when planning for your signage.


# 1 Start the Talk

This should refer to your sales conversation. But of course, since what we’re talking here is a signage, that conversation should only be an introduction. How do you actually converse the introductory way? You have three options other than mentioning your company name. You can include a:



Camp Benjamin Sign


Product Symbol



Service Symbol



Since yours is new in the market, you need these backups so that potential clients can easily identify and find you. Your slogan, for instance, will speak of what your company offers. On the other hand, the symbols will directly give your customers a hint of your products or services. Of course, you can choose to combine symbols or concentrate on one (that which summarizes all your offers).


# 2 Limit the Important Features to Three


Usually, what is highly recommended is to feature your company name, line of business or product symbol, and trademark. These three are the most effective elements when introducing your business to your targeted consumers. Look at the sample below.



# 3 List the Main Working Professionals


It has actually been proven that including the names of the main workers of the company together with the abbreviation of their titles (i.e. Engr., Atty., Dr., and others) below or on the sides of the sign begot trust and confidence from potential customers.


It gives them peace of mind to see the names along with the title and license number, for instance. Through this, they are convinced of the authenticity of the company and the quality of the products or services. There is a high possibility, therefore, that when they see your sign, they will not think twice to inquire.


# 4 Put a Call-to-Action


This is a phrase intended to encourage your target audience to get in touch with you in order to inquire about your products or services with the end goal of making a sale. It’s like saying, act now or you’ll lose this wonderful offer. A few of the most effective calls-to-action are the following:


  • Call us now.
  • Book now.
  • Get in touch today.
  • Become a member today.
  • Talk to us.
  • Find out how.
  • Find out more.
  • Ask your representative.
  • Limited time offer!
  • Try a free taste!
  • Register for a discount.
  • Free trial available.


# 5 Consult Experts to Finalize Everything


With the help of a professional sign maker or signage maker, all your ideas will come to life along with the other essential elements. M&G Global Ads, for instance, the number 1 sign making and manufacturing expert in the Philippines, can create the best signage for your business considering your own requirements and ideas as well as your budget. Aside from stainless signage and acrylic signage, they have a lot of cost-effective marketing tools to offer. With their knowledge and proven expertise, you will have peace of mind that everything will be perfect.


Indeed, strategy is everything in marketing. With a good and effective sign as your strategy, you will never lose a client. It may be too traditional and simple as you think, but wait until you see the results for yourself. By far, a signage is still the most cost-effective way to reach out to your target audience today. It’s a big no-no to take this for granted.


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A Brief Guide in Business Signage Planning
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A Brief Guide in Business Signage Planning
Major Rules When Planning for Your Business Signage.
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