Green Wall & Vertical Gardens

M&G GLOBAL ADS, a leader in the signage industry for over a decade, now brings you this exciting, 30 year technology from JAPAN that brings the GREEN into our environment !

 This is the MIDORIE “Green Wall”! Living wall, home grown flowers in a special soil base and in variable sizes with frames. Plant wall “green design” that can be shaped, designed to bring a “FRESH LOOK” at all times and in all places. Images, landscapes and faces captured so vividly, that even the Mona Lisa can be designed and displayed on a wall of flowers.

Healthy to have in your home “garden wall” or place of work, these flowers absorb more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen – wherever they are placed.

A perfect combination of technology with nature where these scented or unscented living plants are calibrated to automatically water themselves.

So there is no wastage of water, no leaks, no insects and no mess – always clean.

Now you can all have the quality, beauty of this technology indoors and outdoors, in small and large spaces, wherever you may be.

M&G/FLAX . . . bringing the TOYOTA – SUNTORY MIDORIE (SHANGHAI), Green Wall technology with all its wellness benefits to you, today!



A Brief History of Midorie

Suntory Limited is moving into the environment greening market with the full-scale launch of its midorie environment greening business. Suntory brings its unique roof-greening system, Midori no Yane (literally, green roof), and wall-greening system, Hana no Kabe (literally, wall of flowers) onto market on March 3, 2008.

The name midorie is a play on the Japanese words for “to green” ( midori is green and e is to in Japanese ) and refers to bringing green spaces to urban landscapes. This project, the flagship venture for Suntory’s environment greening business, is named to evoke the image of a garden.

The Midori no Yane and Hana no Kabe roof and wall-greening systems form the pillars of the company’s midorie business. These systems replace traditional gardening soil with Pafcal*. Eliminating soil in roof and wall garden systems delivers a number of advantages-making these greening systems lighter, easier to handle, and a better environment for growing healthy plants. These revolutionary systems resolve the problems traditionally associated with creating roof gardens such as buildings that cannot withstand the heavy weight of these gardens, plants that die without proper soil conditions, and soil crumbling and scattering, leaving roof areas dirty. Based on the company’s concept of creating comfortable green spaces, Suntory brings these systems to market with comprehensive services that deliver everything from material and equipment installation through follow-up plant maintenance.




True to its corporate message, “Water for Life, Suntory,” the company has based its business on the bounty of natural resources found in water, plants and flowers ever since it was first established. The company is active in a diverse range of environmental conservation activities that include the protection of birds, the conservation of natural resources and energy, and the cultivation of water resources. With environmental conditions worsening at an even more rapid pace over the past several years, Suntory has turned its focus to new approaches that incorporate the unique technologies and expertise the company has developed in order to make greater inroads in protecting the environment.

With the full-scale launch of its midorie environment greening business, Suntory is working to not only alleviate the heat island phenomenon and effectively insulate buildings, but also to bring its concept of creating comfortable green spaces to urban landscapes.

Midorie Green Wall Advantage

  • Aesthetic
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy Savings
  • Health and Wellness
  • Property Value
  • Building Facade Protection
  • Reduce Noise
  • Sustainability
  • Self Maintaining
  • LEED® credits – LEED®, which stands for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally recognized green building certification system.
  • A new urethane-based spongy substance specially developed by Suntory. ” we don’t use regular soil that’s constantly needs cleaning, and it’s bio-degradable
  • 1 year warranty on plant life
  • Insect free no excess water left during watering of plants.
  • Deter graffiti