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Safety Signage: A Must in Every Community

Signage are used not just to advertise a commercial establishment or to give information. They are also used to keep people safe. When you go to big buildings and established commercial complexes, you will see photoluminescent signs pointing to the nearest safety exits. These are the Fire Escape signage, the Exit signage and other safety signage indicating hazardous areas and safe areas. You can also see displayed prominently an emergency evacuation plan that shows you where you are and tells you where the nearest exits are relative to your location.

The Fire Code of the Philippines 2008 IRR issued by the BFP or Bureau of Fire Protection has provisions about what every building must follow in order to be considered a safe building especially when it comes to fire hazards. While accidents like fire can happen any moment, if a building follows the Fire Code strictly and abide by its safety regulations then these accidents can be avoided.

M&G Global Ads, the premier signage maker in the Philippines is a leading provider of safety signage compliant with the requirements of the Fire Code of the Philippines.

We create photoluminescent signs, also called “glow in the dark” signs, which are perfect for evacuation maps and other safety signs. It is important that these signage are made from high grade luminescent materials so that when the lights are out in an emergency situation, they are easily visible and can guide people to safety.

Photo luminescent signs are dependent on external light source that is shone on them. They do not emit light of their own. When the lights are turned off, they give off a faint eerie glow that is highly visible in the dark surroundings.

A high grade photoluminescent sign contains phosphors made from zinc sulphide and strontium aluminate. These materials are able to re-emit energy over long periods of time. The more phosphors are able to absorb energy when a light source is present, the longer it can emit a glow in dark surroundings.

M&G Global Ads has created several photoluminescent evacuation maps and emergency evacuation plans for several of our clients. We understand that buildings have a commitment to their tenants to keep them safe from every conceivable disaster. Photoluminescent signs are a way to achieve that.

We can also create reflectorized signs which are commonly used along highways and roads. These signs, which are similar to photoluminescent signs, serve as hazard warnings to drivers about the possible dangers they can encounter on the road. Like photoluminescent signs, reflectorized signs do not need a separate light source to emit light. The difference, however, is that they only reflect light; they do not first absorb it. When light hits a reflectorized sign, it bounces off and that is what we see.

Photoluminescent signs and reflectorized signs are cost efficient. They are able to deliver their purpose for a minimal cost. You just need to spend for a high quality photoluminescent sign and you don’t need to worry about maintenance. The signage can last you a long time.

There are many advantages of photoluminescent signs. Here are some of them:

  • They are easy to install. Most of the time, the sign maker would just mount them in the wall where they will be easily visible. Because they are simple, they don’t require extensive mechanism to install.
  • They are easy to maintain. You just need to dust them to make sure their surface is exposed to as much light as possible. There are no light bulbs to replace. You don’t need to worry that some parts may chip or break.
  • They have unlimited service life. Because photoluminescent signs do not depend on light bulbs, they can last virtually forever. As long as the phosphors are able to absorb light and recharge themselves, they can emit the same light.
  • They pose little potential hazard. Since photoluminescent signs are made from plastic, they don’t pose a risk of falling debris or potential glass breaking. Photoluminescent signs are unbreakable.
  • They are energy efficient. Photoluminescent signs leave very little carbon footprint meaning you don’t do much damage to the natural environment. Since it all relies on natural sources – mostly sunlight, then energy is efficiently used leading to energy savings.

The advantages described above makes photoluminescent signs ideal for evacuation maps and other types of safety signage. We can’t think of any other material that is more suited than this.

M&G Global Ads can help your company create these safety signs prescribed by the government. We can work with you to design and fabricate the most optimal photoluminescent signs suited for your business establishment.

We are committed to use only the highest grade materials to supply your need. We employ laser cutting edge technology to create your signage so you can be assured that it is precise and accurate.

At M&G Global Ads, our mission is to deliver satisfactory products to our clients and to exceed their expectations.

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