DLSU | De La Salle University School Signage

DLSU | De La Salle University School Signage

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De Lasalle's School Signs & School Signage

De Lasalle’s School Signs & School Signage

DLSU School Signage

De La Salle University has been a frequent customer of M&G Global Ads. We are honoured to create school signage for them and contribute to the strong reputation of the prestigious school. A school signage carries with it the pride of the establishment it represents. It is a symbol of the school’s unwavering commitment to its students to become a respectable institute of learning.

Usually school signage would be a stainless signage to carry with it elegance and class. The stainless signage may also have engraving in it to add to its flair. However, some modern schools also opt for an acrylic signage to represent their institution. Regardless of the type of signage preferred, an established sign maker should be able to craft one that is worthy of the school’s pride.

DLSU was established in 1911 in Paco, Manila by Christian Brothers whose initial mission was to offer high quality and moral education to young boys . They created the school in order to teach Catholic values such as honesty, integrity and spiritual awareness to young students and help them become the future of the nation. Today, DLSU is a coeducational university still catering to the same founding principles. They are present in 5 campuses in Luzon and part of the DLSP system with 16 schools nationwide. They offer various courses from Engineering to Education to Liberal Arts. An average of 16,193 undergraduate students and 3,949 postgraduate students goes to DLSU every. They have produced some of the top students in the fields of Accountancy, Computer Engineering, Business Management and many others.

A school that has an impressive reputation deserve an equally impressive signage. Whether it be an exterior or interior school signage, it must be crafted with great care and made to look professional and classy at the same time.

Our first order of business was to confer with the school management on the type of signage they wanted. Once we determined the type of signage and the location, we made plans on how to execute it. We presented these plans to the management and have them approve it first before production. During fabrication, we made sure to use only the best materials available. We don’t want to use second-rate materials just to get a job done. Our signage are always made from the best materials available.

When we finished fabricating the stainless signage, we brought it on site to install it. Installation was made in the evening when there were no students around. We don’t want to add the risk of any student being inconvenienced by the installation. During installation we made sure to have all the proper materials in place. We made sure that everything is in order and all safety measures are in place. Everything was done within a matter of hours. It didn’t take long to install the signage because everything was planned properly.

Once the signage was installed, we made sure everything was in order. We double checked that it was securely mounted and that there are no risk hazards left around. When we were satisfied that everything was complete, that was the time we concluded the job. We then informed the school management that everything was in place and waited for their acceptance of their order.

We were glad to note that they were happy with what we have done. It was another successful project! DLSU isn’t the only school we created school signage for. There are countless other schools around Metro Manila who turns to M&G Global Ads for their school signage.

Does your school need a school signage also? Why not give us a call? We guarantee that you won’t regret your decision of engaging with the number one sign maker in the Philippines!

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