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Creating Directional Signs


As the number one sign maker, M&G Global Ads, doesn’t just create ad signage such as building signage or store signage. We also create directional signs, road markings and even grocery signage.

These signage are often overlooked due to their simple designs. But can you imagine a world without them? There would be chaos and people will not know where to go or where to find something. Directional signage are important because they provide essential information that helps guide people in their whereabouts.

Directional Signs

Directional signs are commonly seen in huge public places like malls. They tell you where certain facilities and amenities are such as the restroom, ATM booths, payphones, elevators and even breastfeeding areas. They are important because without them, the public will be lost as they wander around malls.

Most directional signs are hanged from the ceiling. This is to ensure they are visible to everyone at ground level. There are also some directional signs that are placed in walls, usually slightly above eye level, in order to inform the location of certain facilities.

Other directional signs serve as markers of where certain places – such as entrances and exits are. In order to maximize the impact of certain sections like these, frosted stickers are used especially if the doors are made of clear glass. Doing so helps easily identify the area for what it’s supposed to be.

Wall murals are also great ways to convey information although indirectly. M&G Global Ads is also able to create wall murals as required by the client and as needed in the project.


Grocery Signs

Do you notice the signs inside grocery stores that tell you where certain sections of the grocery are? They are helpful especially if you don’t know what aisle contains the product you are looking for. Grocery signs are also helpful in labelling where certain sections like the meat section or seafood section are located.

M&G Global ads is also capable of creating this type of signage. They are actually quite easy to do because they all use a simple, no frills design. With these type of direction signs, clarity of the words is more important than making it fancy. You don’t see fancy font faces for direction signs unless you are going to a thematic place. But even in such cases, the rule of thumb is the simpler, the better.

If you have to really go for a fancy font face, it should still be legible and easy to understand.

Road Markings

As a sign maker, we are also commissioned to create road markings from time to time. These are also considered directional signs since they give information and guide the drivers or pedestrians. Without them, it would be hard to know when to turn or determine the correct flow of traffic.

Road markings are probably the easiest type of signage to create because it will only involve painting the road. However, even if simple, it is critical to get everything right and even the paint quality must be something that can withstand repeated traffic. Timeliness is also crucial in creating projects like this because you have to make sure there is ample time for the paint to dry before the public can pass through it.


Creating Effective Signage

In order to serve its purpose, the following are the characteristics of a good and effective directional signage.

  • Easy to read. Font face must be simple and legible even from afar.
  • Simple and direct to the point. The less frills, the better. Even thematic places can do well with simple directional signs.
  • Mounted above eye level. People tend to look up from the crowd when searching for something. In crowded mall aisles or grocery aisles, direction signs must be way above eye level to be visible to everyone.
  • Universally understood. In creating directional signage, make sure that the symbols used are something universal. Everyone must understand it regardless of the language or culture they come from. That’s why all directional signage almost always look the same.
  • High quality. Even though they are simple signage, you can’t skimp on their quality. They must be durable, made of top-grade material and able to last for many years.
  • Easy to maintain. Directional signage, because of their simplicity, must be easy to clean and maintain. This is especially true if the directional signs are mounted from the ceiling.


Business signage are not the only type of signage that M&G Global Ads can create. We can fabricate almost any type of signage including the simple but important ones such as directional signage.


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