Building Signage & vinyl sticker-Different Building Signage for Different Brand Needs


Different Building Signage for Different Brand Needs

Different brands have different signage needs. Sometimes, some brands are unknown or unfamiliar base on their brand name and thus their building signage must be able to convey what the brand is all about to the unaware public.

Recently, M&G Global Ads has been commissioned to fabricate building signage for 3 different brands in the country – Shimmian Surgicenter, Dean & DeLuca and Devant – Hisense. Each brand has their own characteristics and needs. There is no one-size fits all signage for them. We made sure we understood the need of each brand before suggesting the correct type of signage that will most benefit them.

The end result were satisfied customers whose building signage were top of the line and able to attract the right customers.


A Billboard Type Signage for a Surgery Clinic

Shimmian Manila Surgicenter is one of the country’s top surgical centers. It’s an affiliate of the prestigious Shimmian Plastic Surgery Center from Seoul, South Korea. They are known for their cutting edge research on nasal reconstruction and top of the line technology that can deliver advanced results. South Korea is the first Asian country to adopt rhinoplastic surgery – a type of surgery that is known to result in more natural looking nose lifts. It is proven to be safe and rejection-free from several short and long-term studies.

perforated sticker-shimmian billboard sticker-shimmian billboard sticker-shimmian

Shimmian Manila Surgicenter aims to be known as the first and leading medical institute in the Philippines to specialize in advanced reconstructive rhinoplasty. They want to provide their Filipino and foreign patients affordable yet advanced cosmetic surgery comparable to those offered in advanced countries. They also aim to help medical doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery become more knowledgeable in the advancements on nasal augmentation.

To make the public more aware of Shimmian Manila Surgicenter, they opted to create a giant billboard in Greenhills & Tomas Morato close to where their clinics are. Since the name of the clinic alone is not enough to inform the public of what the clinic offers, a giant billboard by the building where the clinics are located will be more appropriate.

Shimmian contracted M&G Global Ads for the project. In order to create this giant signage, we opted for vinyl sticker that will reflect accurately the designs of the surgicenter. We made sure it was properly illuminated at night in order to attract potential customers. Sometimes, a signage bearing just the name of the establishment is not enough to accurately convey the services offered. Having a billboard size signage ensures that the target market will be properly captured.

New York’s Gourmet Store Restaurant Signage

The famous gourmet grocery store from New York City has come to the Philippines. Dean & DeLuca has become popular in TV shows where famous actors are seen either entering the store or holding coffee cups with their logo. A subtle way of advertising the brand, it has worked as many Filipinos have become aware of the brand from all the American TV series they watched. Their first store in Manila is located at Edades Tower, Rockwell Center in Makati City. They had their soft opening last April 8 and ever since has been a full house. The store is not just a grocery store but also a restaurant serving full meals, coffee and pastries. Pastries are baked fresh every day and some ingredients are even flown all the way from France.

restaurant signage-dean and delucca 2 restaurant signage-dean and delucca

Customers flock to Dean & DeLuca not just to buy imported syrups, mixes and other grocery items but also to sample their fine meals and pastries which are not available in other Dean & DeLuca stores worldwide.

Dean & DeLuca was established in New York in the 1970s by Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca. They were the first to sell balsamic vinegar and sun dried tomatoes in the US. Currently, they have stores all over the US, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Middle East and now, the Philippines. They are set to open other branches across Metro Manila.

M&G Global Ads was tasked to create the restaurant signage of their first establishment. We created a simple but classy acrylic signage for the interior of the store and vinyl stickers for their glass panels. The classy signage depicted the name of the establishment and reinforced further the Dean & DeLuca brand. For those unfamiliar with the brand, a cursory glance to the store will already inform them what Dean & DeLuca offers – a no frills, simple yet excellent quality dining and grocery experience.

Building Signage for Cutting Edge Electronics Equipment

Hisense is a top of the line electronics company who recently partnered with the distributor of Devant and NextBase in the Philippines. Now under Finden Technologies Inc, an affiliate of Techpoint Enterprise, Hisense is distributed alongside Devant, another top electronics brand.

building signs devant4 building signs devant2 building signs devant

Devant is a Singaporean-brand while Hisense is a Chinese brand. Both are committed to improving the lifestyles of their consumers through their latest gadgets and audio-visual equipment. They have been producing cutting edge electronics that has amazed the market and satisfied the consumer base’s desire for high-end electronics. These electronic brands are consistently top of mind and their distribution companies have profited immensely from their sales.

One of the stores which sell both brands is located in Pasig and recently they commissioned us to create the building signage for them. It was an acrylic signage that lighted up at night indicating that the store sold both Devant and Hisense electronics. In order to attract potential customers, each building signage must be accurately fabricated and reflect every aspect of the brands. It is important that customers from the outside can already see the big brands the store offers.


If what you offer in your store is unknown to your customers, then your signage must be able to reflect not just your store’s name but what you offer. With the tough competition these days, it is important that businesses learn the value of not just a beautiful and sturdy signage but also one that can accurately convey what their store has to offer.




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