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Acrylic Signage for Western Union

Western Union is one of the leading money transfer companies in the Philippines and around the world. The company, founded in 1851 in New York, USA has been operating in the Philippines since 1990 with a massive network of more than 6,300 agent locations. The Philippines is the 4th largest remittance market in the world due to its huge OFW population.

With more than 135 years of experience in the money transfer business, Western Union is considered a truly global company. They have been a trusted name in the business and has helped numerous corporate and private clients receive money quickly and reliably. The company started as a telegraph business and dominated that industry in the 19th century. By the 20th Century, they began to grow the money transfer business which initially started as a side business. As technology developed and the telegram lost its relevance, Western Union eventually decided to focus on the money transfer business. To this day, this has been their prime business and what they are best known for.

In the Philippines, a Western Union branch is immediately recognizable by its signage. It is important for every branch to have the proper store signage so that their patrons can easily locate them and verify that they are the legitimate branch.

One of the branches of Western Union has decided to uplift its look by installing fresh acrylic signage inside and outside the store. One of the edge of Western Union over its competitors is its bold colors and easily distinguishable façade that readily tells customers they are in the right location. Western Union has a very professional look that capitalizes on their strength as a brand. This look assures customers that they are dealing with a brand with a solid reputation and their hard earned money will be handled with care. It also appeases customers’ mind that they are dealing with the correct Western Union and not with some copycat and potentially malicious entity.

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M&G Global Ads, the number one sign maker in the Philippines was quick to respond to Western Union’s needs. We understood the requirement to have authentic, durable and high-quality signage. Western Union required a pylon signage to be installed at the top of the branch’s roof so that customers from miles afar can be informed about the branch’s location. The pylon signage we installed was made from acrylic and we ensured that it will be durable to withstand the forces of the elements. They also required other store signage like a front acrylic signage that will identify the store’s name to their customers. Both the pylon signage and the front acrylic signage are backlit guaranteeing that they are visible even at night.

The interior of the store is simple in its layout but the main counter also required a sticker signage. We printed high quality stickers and installed them in the counter.

The requirements were simple but still required our outmost expertise and excellent craftsmanship in order to deliver high quality signage that meets the client’s needs. Western Union’s store signage is another successfully completed project we are proud of.

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